Saturday, July 24, 2021
While Original Medicare will cover most of what you need (80% after deductibles), there is a good chance they won’t cover everything. With Original Medicare, there are gaps that...

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Green Development LLC Reports on How the Airline Industry is Making Strides Towards Sustainable Energy

The airline industry: often a second thought when thinking about our contribution to global pollution. Though, given the scope of this particular mode of...

How Real Estate Branch The Wellhöner Group is Changing the Industry with Their Well-Rounded Services

The Wellhöner Group is not your typical real estate branch. Offering services that include all aspects of home management and maintenance, they strive to...

Brian Colpak on Embracing Innovation: How to Adapt in a Growing Industry

Innovation is crucial for gaining or maintaining a leadership position in a growing industry. Shying away from it can be a fatal step in...

Rivals gain ground to Amazon in the booming smart speaker market

Amazon maintains its lead in the growing global smart speaker market, but Google and others are gaining ground, according to a market analysis firm. A...

Jason Kulpa Shares 10 Steps to Help You Understand Your “Why” in Business

Every entrepreneur starts their company with a gleam in their eye and a passion in their heart. However, in the dog-eat-dog world of business,...


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Mandatory military service

War has been ongoing in different parts of the world for centuries. While concentrated mostly in Africa and the Middle East, countries from other parts of the world want...

Interview with Michael Evans, Philanthropist and CEO at USPA Nationwide Security

Michael Evans is an American entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer (CEO) of USPA Nationwide Security, an international security conglomerate, since May 2005...

Devin Johnson the CEO of Kennected takes us through LinkedIn automation and how to do it right

COVID-19 has changed how people view different aspects of any industry. One such feature which was given a cold shoulder previously is LinkedIn automation...

Zeaun Zarrieff from Amerihub Technologies sounds the alarm on Facebook privacy and censorship

Zeaun Zarrieff from Amerihub Technologies is someone who is highly experienced with Facebook advertising and the algorithm by which the social media giant handles...


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