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4 great investments to enhance your home security

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George Soto
George Soto
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The security of your home and the family that occupies it is naturally a top priority for any home owner. Sometimes it’s not enough just to have a lock on your front door as today’s criminals are determined to break through rudimentary home security measures, meaning that you’ll need something more advanced to keep your home safe.

Luckily, home security systems are constantly being improved to counterattack the new ways intruders attempt to break in. Many tried and true home security systems are still valuable today while other new technologies further enhance the safety of your home.

Let’s take a look at 4 of the best investments to enhance your home security.

1: Smart cameras

A great new technology for home security is smart cameras. Smart cameras only activate when they detect movement inside or outside of the home. The camera then records what it sees so that you can watch it in real time or on playback from your tablet or smartphone.

While it might be frightening to watch someone break into your home in real time, smart camera will give you undeniable visual evidence that you can then use to report the crime to police. When you capture the criminal on camera it’s much easier for the police to track them down should they flee.

Smart cameras are a great deterrent to would-be criminals if you disclaim their presence with a poster outside your front door. Something like “smile for the cameras” is always a good way to let people know they won’t get away with trying to break into your property.

2: Video doorbell

A video doorbell is another great home security investment. It’s essentially just a camera installed onto a doorbell so that it records the face of whoever rings.

While you might think it strange that an intruder would ring the doorbell, it’s actually a common tactic to check if anyone is at home. If an intruder rings to doorbell and then enters your home, you’ll have clear visual proof of who it was.

3: Smart lights

Smart light systems allow you to control the lights in your home while you’re on holiday or gone for extended periods. They are a great way to make your home seem like it is being occupied when no one is really there, deterring potential intruders.

For example, you could program your porch lights to turn on at certain times of night or set lights to activate when they detect motion.

4: Security windows and doors

Security windows and doors are essentially just really tough alternatives that make it a significant chore for intruders to try and force their way in. Trying to break through these obstacles takes time and makes a lot of noise, often making it not worth the risk of being caught for the intruder.

A combination of the above security measures means that any potential intruders will either be deterred from attempting to break in or will have a hard time pulling it off and an even harder time getting away with it.

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