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4 tips for getting the cleanliest homes

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George Soto
George Soto
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Having a neat and tidy home is something everyone strives for but can be hard to maintain, especially with our busy modern lifestyles. However, we all seem to know people who have the cleanliest homes and we’re left wondering; how do they do it?

The truth is, the cleanliest homes are the ones where the occupants are proactive in their cleaning tasks so that no one job ever gets neglected for too long. It’s definitely possible to pick up some of these good cleaning habits and apply them in your own home as well.

Let’s take a look at 4 tips for keeping your home clean around-the-clock.

1: Clean as you go

Even the cleanliest homes will look messy if clothes and other junk are left to lie around. It’s not hard to put away your clothes after taking them out of the washing machine or throwing your dirty ones into an organised hamper.

Pretty much anything that you’re prone to leave out after use should be put back where it belongs. Look at the items around your home and ask yourself “is this where everything belongs?”

Putting things away immediately after you’re done with them and being proactive with your laundry are two of the easiest ways to cut down on the clutter around your home.

2: Don’t put off doing the dishes and other chores

Most people dislike doing the dishes and it can be incredibly easy to forget about them until the mess becomes intolerable. Always make sure to wash your plates and utensils thoroughly after meals as this is the easiest time to remove stains before they are allowed to harden.

Washing everything as you use it removes the need to do a big washing job at the end of the day and takes a load off your shoulders. While doing the dishes, you can also work on cleaning countertops and cabinets that are around the sink for good measure.

3: Stop buying as much junk

The best way to keep your home uncluttered is to avoid filling it up with stuff. It can be very easy in households with small children to fill the house up with cheap plastic toys that you’re always navigating past as if it were a minefield.

Think twice before buying things you don’t need. Ask yourself “do I really need more stuff?” and “where will this go?” before buying something new. Cut down on your shopping and you’ll save money as well as space in your home.

4: Keep a designated junk drawer

Sometimes there are household items that don’t have any specific place they live but you end up needing to use from time to time. Stuff like stationary, phone cables and other small items should all be thrown into a shared drawer that’s easily accessible.

This helps keep stuff off of surfaces and out of sight without needing to get really organised about where they go. Short of stuffing everything into a closet, moving stuff out of sight is an easy way to get some temporary breathing room in your house, on your way to incorporating some of these other tips for achieving the cleanliest homes.

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