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Advice on Handling Sales Objections with CEO Cole Gordon

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Kieran Mcleod
Kieran Mcleod
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With projected sales of $30 million this year, over 10,000 sales professionals using his methods, and collaboration with some of the top names in the business, Cole Gordon, CEO of, is drawing comparisons to Grant Cardone among online sales insiders.

His company serves entrepreneurs that want to build unstoppable internal sales teams that run themselves.

Over the years, Gordon has worked with over 1,000 sales teams, and his influence is only growing. His half-million Instagram followers check his reels to learn how to become high-earning sales reps. He also serves seasoned sales reps in boosting their sales to six figures and helps companies learn how to land the top reps in their niche.

Cole is a self-made success, just like many of his students. The former bartender propelled himself to superstardom in sales through pure will. He founded because he was a seasoned, skilled salesperson himself, and knew he had much to share, since he was always being asked to teach newbies his sales secrets.

“The easiest way to encapsulate why we started the company is because I was a high-performing sales rep but left to get into sales coaching and training. I was always asked, ‘Where do you find good sales reps?’ At the end of the day, good salespeople know other good salespeople — which is really the key to recruiting good salespeople. Leverage them, their network, and find referrals. We started that business purely from that demand,” Cole explained.

One of the biggest secrets he’s been asked to share over the years is how to overcome sales objections. Here, he offers some valuable thoughts on the subject — including his two-step method, common objections, and basic scripting.

Common Sales Objections

Before learning how to overcome the sales objections between you and the next big deal closing, you have to understand which objections are most common.

Most objections fall into one of these buckets:

  1. Financial (anything related to funds)
  2. Partner/Spouse (needing approval from another party)
  3. Uncertainty (the prospect isn’t sure the product is right for them)

Among the most common objections are:

  • “Let me think about it.”
  • “I need to talk to my partner.” or
  • “Send me a proposal.”

“They are trying to get off the call after spending 20 minutes or more listening to you and acting like they’re interested. These are annoying, but no hurdle you can’t overcome,” said Gordon.

Two Steps to Overcoming Hurdles

Gordon has taken over 4,000 sales calls in his career and believes he can handle any objection the client comes with after he mentions the price, which is when objections commonly surface. He swears by using the same two steps every single time.

According to Gordon, the best part about these steps is that they don’t put additional sales pressure on the client. “This is the stuff that’s going to crush it for you,” said the CEO.

‘No Problem’

‘No problem’ is an amazing phrase to use in sales, according to Gordon, since it diffuses all the pressure and keeps the conversation casual. It’s also surprising and disarming to many prospects because they expect to hear something combative.

For instance, many old-school reps push a hard sales agenda. After a prospect says ‘I want to think about it’ they follow up with ‘What do you want to think about?’ Or when a prospect says ‘I can’t afford it’ they follow up with ‘You can’t afford not to do it.’

These pressure-building techniques rarely work because they fail to make clients feel you’re in alignment with them and their business.

“If they say they’re unsure, say ‘I hear you.’” advises Gordon. “During the sales process, alignment is what’s important. You want the prospect to feel that you’re both on the same side of the table.”

Forget the Money

The second punch of this one-two sequence is taking money out of the equation by saying to them, ‘Say money was no issue; how do you feel about the process specifically? Do you feel like it’s what you need to get to [goal]?’

For example, ‘Do you feel like what we are offering is what you need to grow your agency to 20k per month and 240k per year?’

Gordon advises that playing with hypothetical situations — such as bypassing the financial aspect — is more calming to clients, and they can talk more candidly about their goals and plans because they are less worried about money at that moment.

From a place of excitement, it’s much easier to get them to imagine how much your services will help their business.

“Once you can get them on board that this is gonna work, you can have a real conversation about getting them in. That’s the moment to talk about financing, payment plans, how to talk to their partner, or even getting their partner on the call. But we need to get on the same side of the table and agree that this is the right thing to get them to their goal,” said Gordon.

When working with the team, they provide scripts for every possible objection as well as how to overcome it and get your client signed.

With Gordon’s high-level advice about the sales process and overcoming objections, sales teams around the country can expect to see their profit figures rise and rise.

About Cole Gordon

Cole Gordon is the CEO of, the leading sales and marketing education and training company that fulfills companies’ needs for talented sales teams. Gordon is an 8-figure entrepreneur, investor, and sales trainer who has sold over $10 million worth of online coaching, consulting, and agency services. For more information about Gordon, please visit and for more about, visit

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