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Aslan Rahman: The 21-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Broke the Bank

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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21-year-old, Aslan Rahman, is the owner of multiple successful businesses and has learned the ends and outs of starting and running a high-profit coaching business. His hard work ethic and his willingness to take risks have resulted in his tremendous success at such a young age.

Aslan was raised by a single father since he was 12 years old. He grew up in the UK and lived a fairly normal life. At 16, he tried his hand at entrepreneurism and sold sandwiches and baguettes at his school.

Mr Aslan Aziz Rahman

However, he decided that he wanted to go to medical school. He explains: “…I was a good worker and honestly just wanted a stable career with decent pay.”

So, he applied to medical school and was accepted. But, he still had a passion for business and would go to many business events across the UK. At those events, he met many self-made millionaires and was shocked by how much opportunity there was to earn an income without a degree.

He immediately called his university and told them that he wanted to take a gap year before starting his degree.

During that gap year, and at 18 years old, he started his own company in the real estate industry. He would purchase leases on a large house and would rent out the rooms. He would also sell the deals he would find to investors.

At first, he didn’t have any money. So, he went around and was able to raise $24,000 to help finance his business.

Within two years, he made around $286,000 in revenue with a net profit of around $80,000. By then, he was studying at a university and running a successful business.

It was at that time that Aslan found himself with an important decision to make—should he drop out of medical school and leave a promising six-figure career as a medical professional to work on his business, or should he drop his entrepreneurial pursuits and focus on becoming a medical professional?

All entrepreneurial pursuits come with a level of risk, and Aslan decided to take that risk and work on his business full-time. So, he dropped out of medical school and, shortly after, was making around $11,000 a month from his business.

It was then that he discovered the online coaching space, and he started coaching others on how they can start their own property management business. In the first 12 months of coaching, Aslan made over $164,366 in profit.

Aslan Aziz Rahman

Combined with his property business, he made around $241,971 in profit just 3 months after turning 21 years old. Today, he plans to expand more into the coaching business and teach other coaches how to land high-profile clients and expand their business to the six-figure mark.

Aslan plans to be making seven figures from his coaching business by the time he is 23 and hopes to continue to expand his property portfolio too.

For those who want to get into the coaching business, Aslan explains: “Everyone has a life skill or struggle they’ve overcome that they can teach other people online about—the best 1st business to start is selling your knowledge.” All you have to do is start.

All in all, Aslan Rahman’s success is a result of him being willing to not only take a big risk but also to faithfully pursue his entrepreneurial goals. His example shows the value of hard work and determination and shows that even at a young age, success is possible.

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