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Better Photos, More Matches: Meet the Leading Online Dating Photography Company, The Match Artist

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Esperanza Squire
Esperanza Squire
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Do dating apps make you feel like just another face in the crowd? Like absolutely nothing distinguishes you from the dozens of other guys vying for the attention of a worthy partner? At least twenty other guys have the same photo with a big fish. They also have a blurry group photo and a selfie from two years ago. If you feel like you’re just part of the herd, your photos are probably to blame.

2021 saw 323.9 million online dating users, 19% of whom spoke to about 11 matches at a time ( That’s a lot of people to compete with! Chances are, your profile pictures are hindering you from standing out.

The Match Artist, a group of professional, charismatic photographers who specialize in taking photos for online dating profiles, can highlight what makes you unique so you shine brighter than any of the other guys swiping on the app. According to The Match Artist co-founder Nick Friesen, ”While working with a professional dating photographer, you’re getting a real edge over the competition, especially considering that 85% of people on dating apps use selfies.” When you’re up against millions of other potential matches for the partner of your dreams, you should take any competitive edge you can get.

The Secrets

The Match Artist photographers not only have experience shooting for online dating profiles—they have experience in the swiping culture themselves. Co-founders  Nick Friesen and Shane White each met their  wives on dating apps, and they are willing to share their secrets. They know how to help guys engage matches on dating apps, and they have seen firsthand  what works and what doesn’t. In fact, they’ve helped more than 700 guys up their online dating game.

Their first piece of advice? Be aware of what your face is doing in front of the camera. For many guys, taking pictures is high on their list of dreaded activities, along with paying taxes or standing in line at the DMV. . This discomfort tends to show up in their pictures and does not inspire potential matches to message back. To combat the awkwardness, The Match Artist photographers use facial expression coaching to train clients how to subtly move muscles in their face to produce natural-looking expressions, even when they aren’t feeling it. The results are more expressive, inviting pictures that impress clients and the online dating community alike. The Match Artist promises to “provide real-time coaching to make sure your facial expressions allow others to see you in your best light.” They take out the guesswork  so you can focus on showing off everything that makes you unique.

Their next piece of advice is to get comfortable in your environment. The Match Artist knows you’ll probably be uncomfortable taking pictures in a studio, and feeling awkward during a shoot results in weird pictures. So instead, their A-list photographers come to you. They have photographers based in major U.S. cities, and they’ve traveled all around the country to capture guys in their natural environment.

Once there, The Match Artist captures guys doing what they love. They’ve photographed everything, from cooking to kayaking to painting to flying airplanes.  Nick Friesen says, “The goal is to show who you really are by capturing your passions, hobbies, or interests. I like to compare the shoot to a typical Saturday morning where you start the day relaxing at home and then spend time doing what you love. The only difference is that there’s a photographer alongside you.” Nick knows it’s important to capture clients in their real environment because that’s where they really shine. The Match Artist wants you to look good and feel confident, and they are willing to go the distance to make it happen.

Potential matches on dating apps like to see that you leave your house occasionally and do things. Your hobbies and unique interests will  set you apart from the rest, and will make potential matches intrigued to learn more. This is an opportunity for you to connect with someone who is like-minded and possibly even shares your passion.

If you’re  contemplating just how awkward it would be to allow a stranger into your house to photograph you in different settings, you’re not alone. However, The Match Artist makes sure you’re comfortable. Beyond hiring only the most personable photographers, most clients compare the session to hanging out with a friend. “It’s about getting people to open up,” Nick explains. He says many clients feel comfortable speaking openly with them simply because of the friendly environment they create. In addition to hundreds of fantastic photos and a newfound confidence to take on the world, you may come out of your session with a new friend you can confide in. Remember that co-founders Nick Friesen and Shane White have been through this experience, too. They can empathize with the process better than most other photographers.

The Value

You’re probably wondering if you want to pay to have photos taken when you have perfectly good bathroom selfies on your profile. And you just got a match the other week!  Surely, the pictures can’t make that much of a difference.

The Match Artist and their Google reviews would prove otherwise. The Match Artist has a growing list of glowing reviews from guys like you who might have been on the fence at first, but now they’re  so happy with their results. Many attest to getting more matches than they can feasibly manage since doing a photoshoot with The Match Artist.

“These guys really work. Thanks to Match Artist, I now have more women messaging me than I could ever hope to date in my lifetime! Shane was awesome. He came right to my door and made the shoot an easy, fun experience. Just show up as your best self and they’ll take care of the rest.”

“Working with Nick was an absolute pleasure! He was extremely thoughtful and genuinely wanted to make sure that I was extremely pleased with all the pictures… I highly recommend The Match Artist for any man who is looking to maximize his results on dating apps/social media… who wants to put as little time/effort towards online dating while maximizing their results and efficiency. Can’t recommend them enough, thank you for the great experience!”

Better photos equals better matches, and better matches are an investment in yourself and your future. By booking The Match Artist, you receive life-changing photos and the confidence that you’re finally distinguished from the other millions of guys on dating apps. The Match Artist can bring you to the forefront and keep you running through your matches’ minds.

As Dr. Seuss wisely said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Never be just another face on dating apps again. Let The Match Artist help you stand out today.

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