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Christian Santiago Shows How To Tap Into Higher Levels Of Performance While Integrating Your Faith Using Six Key Biblical Principles

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What entrepreneur doesn’t want to accumulate wealth faster, enjoy exponential growth, and experience better corporate and personal productivity? Of course, they all do.

Now here’s an even greater question: what entrepreneur becomes a high performer in their industry without sacrificing their faith in the process? Very few do.

That’s why Christian Santiago founded The Greatness Institute — to coach Christian executives, entrepreneurs and investors how to become high performers and experience increased output using Biblical principles. One of the noteworthy things about his Greenville, SC-based coaching and leadership mentorship is that you don’t need to be Christian to use the principles outlined in his teachings.

“You don’t need to believe like I do to apply and get the results of increased productivity, leadership, and influence from the principles I coach on.” Santiago says. “The reason why is because a principle is only a principle if it works in any industry, personality, age, decade, or belief system. If it only works in certain situations, then it’s a tactic, not a principle.”

To date, he’s helped clients ranging from high net-worth investors to entrepreneurs who are in the Top 2% of their respective fields, including seasoned surgeons, among his clients. In turn, they report having a more professional edge and clarity in their work and personal lives.

“Whether I am speaking to Christian one-on-one, attending one of his workshops, or hearing him speak, I am challenged to reflect inward to gain clarity and then provided with tools to create results. He unites purpose and vision. This is essential to anyone desiring to live a full and meaningful life,” Meggie said, an Executive National Vice President within her company.

Though he’s popular within his community, he founded his institute to reach people looking for faith-aligned teachings worldwide.

To that end, he’s published three top-selling books on faith-based business: Born To Rule: Reclaiming Your God-Given Birthright To Rule On Earth, Lost In Translation: Returning Back to the Original Message of Jesus, and Detour: When You Feel Like You’ve Missed Something: (Struggling With the Will of God).

But, perhaps he is best known for his best-selling e-courses. Among the most highly-rated is 6 Keys of the Kingdom, which focuses on how Christian entrepreneurs can reach peak performance by applying biblical principles to their business strategies.

Below are tips based on his six keys that you can use to start unlocking your true potential through Biblical principles today.

Use the Mindset of Faith for Rapid Growth

When it comes to Faith, most people would regard this as solely a belief in God, but that’s not enough. If the question is, ‘What is faith?’ was asked, the answer Santiago emphatically would give is, ‘Faith is now.’

That’s why a ‘right now’ mindset can literally change everything in a moment more than hoping something will happen later on.

“All throughout the Bible, hope is attached to the future and faith is attached to today. That means you are only operating in faith if you’re taking the greatest advantage of today,” said Santiago. “That’s why procrastination and faith do not mix: you can’t maximize today if you’re putting things off for tomorrow.”

To best utilize faith, answer this question: If you really believed God could change everything right now, how would you operate and what would you do?

If You Want to Be Great, Be the Greatest Servant

In Santiago’s mind, if you want your company to stand out amongst those in your industry, he only has one word for you: serve. What does he mean by that?

Service to him means being so good at what you do that you can’t be ignored because you’re able to solve some of the more pressing problems for people in the marketplace and your respective industries and niches at a world-class level. To serve at a world-class level, you must increase your relevance, raise your excellence and embrace your distinction.

“Your offering must be so good that your clients feel like they have to refer you to other people,” Santiago mused. “If they’re not, then you need to increase your level of service.”

To best utilize the key of service, according to Santiago, it’s important to be able to answer these questions: What can you do to become more relevant as a leader and company? What’s the 1% shift you can make to become more excellent at what you do? How can you lean more into what makes you different from your peers?

Elevate Your Inner Circle Using the Power of Agreement

In partnering with like-minded people and using the Biblical principle of Agreement, both parties are able to accelerate much faster together, rather than on their own.

“The reason this is one of the biggest keys to growing fast is because you are getting other people to agree with you on the value of what you’re providing to the marketplace,” he stated. “An investor will not give capital if they don’t agree with you about your value, a possible founding partner will not partner with you if they don’t agree about your vision. That’s why Jesus said if two of you touch and agree on anything concerning Earth, it shall be done for you. Agreement is essential for rapid growth and success.”

According to Santiago, to best utilize the principle of Agreement, it is important to answer ‘Who do you need to partner with that would take your leadership or business to the next level?’ It may include hiring a coach, bringing on another partner, or seeking a mentor that agrees with you about your need for an outside voice.

Relabel Your Business, Team and Challenges with Your Words

Your words have so much power that whatever you name someone or something, that is exactly what it becomes. That’s why Santiago believes that the only difference between a stepping stone and stumbling block is the person who’s looking at it.

The biblical principle of Naming holds so much power that God even gave Adam the authority and ability to name the animals however he viewed them (Genesis 2:18-20),” he said. “And whatever he named them, that’s exactly what they became. So if you name your business a ‘small business’ or ‘growing empire’, that’s what it’ll become. If what you’re facing is a ‘setback’ or a ‘set-up’, that’s what it becomes.”

To best utilize this principle, the ability to answer these questions is key, per Santiago: What area in your personal life or business that you need to relabel and give a new empowering meaning to it? After renaming it, how would you act moving forward to reflect that?

Demand More From Yourself Than Anyone Ever Could

By placing a greater Demand on yourself than anyone or anything could, you can then extract more of your potential than was possibly perceived as possible.

“We must place the demand on ourselves rather than waiting for someone else to place it on us. One thing I’ve learned is that the only time we ever feel pressure is when someone places a greater demand on us than we place on ourselves,” he stated. “If our client expects us to complete our services in one month when we’re used to doing it in two weeks, then we don’t feel any pressure. But if they ask us to fulfill it in one week and we’re used to fulfilling it in two weeks, that’s when we feel pressure. The key to not crumbling under any type of pressure is to place a greater demand on yourself than anyone or anything could ever do.”

To best utilize the key of Demand, Santiago asks: What new standards must you set on your growth, service, and leadership to place a greater demand on yourself than anyone ever could?

Treat Everyone Like Gold for Customer and Employee Retention

Honor is one of the most important factors from these six principles. This requires one to allow for love to be the cornerstone of all they do so people want to come around them and stay. This is one of the main keys Santiago uses to help companies make their employees feel valued and his clients feel like they’re receiving world-class coaching guidance.

“Honor, in Greek, means ‘treating like gold’. To dishonor, on the other hand, is to ‘treat like common or ordinary’. When you treat all of those things like gold, everything you touch and every person you come in contact with will feel the love and honor you have for them,” said Santiago. “They won’t feel like just another number or a dollar sign, but will genuinely feel like you want the best for them, no matter how big or small the act of honor you displayed.”

To best utilize the key of Honor, Santiago asks, If you could take only three actions to treat your people or clients like gold, what would those three actions be?

It’s easy to see how these Biblical principles can elevate your influence, grow your leadership and enhance your professional lives — whether we call ourselves religious or not.

About Christian Santiago

Christian Santiago, Founder of The Greatness Institute LLC and 3-time author, is Greenville, SC’s #1 high-performance Christian entrepreneur coach, serving as a coaching and culture specialist for high-end executives and 9-figure companies. Santiago is a ghostwriter for executives of $600M+ firms, producer of 4 blockbuster e-courses, and currently coaches clients whose net worths amass over $369.4M in asset management. Santiago believes that no one is ever stuck or powerless to change their situation; to become the best leader you can be, please visit

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