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World’s Top Professional Gambler and Gambling Consultant Christopher Mitchell Shares Tips for Finding Success in the Casino

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There’s a reason why Christopher Mitchell is called The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). Today, he’s the world’s top professional gambler and gambling consultant, helping the most determined gamblers up their games and win at the casino and the racetrack.

Whether it’s baccarat and roulette that catch your eye or horse racing and sports betting that make your heart race, Christopher is the man to teach you how to beat the Casino through his ELITE Coaching Program, his private VIP Mastermind Events, or one on one coaching in Las Vegas.

He wasn’t an overnight success story, however. Enamored of games of chance since his childhood, he was naturally drawn to gambling and betting once he came of age.

But, as the story goes with too many gamblers, he lost half-a-million dollars in casinos, which left him broke and massively in debt. However, he was still determined to turn his gambling story around. First, he knew he needed to learn the formulas that would make him a success.

Within a few years, he had done just that and was regularly making over $100,000 a month and became a millionaire. He’d gotten so good at hedging bets and leveraging assets that he decided he could stake a new career on teaching other people everything he had to learn the hard way.

“Sarah Lee makes an awesome cheesecake and you can make an awesome cheesecake too if you follow her recipe to the letter, said Christopher.” In that respect, gambling and cheesecake are very similar.

His recipe for success includes specific tips, rules, and strategies to follow. Here, he shares five of his favorite gambling tips with us.

Most People Lose Money at the Casino

Christopher is honest above all else. He always lets his students know that 99% of people lose money at the casino. None of the casinos would still be in business if they didn’t.

“Most people go into the casino with no strategy whatsoever. They go in with luck, hope, a cocktail, and maybe a kiss from their wife. That doesn’t work, trust me. Gambling is all numbers. You have to be strategic and systematic. The principles I teach can be applied to betting on anything. When it’s baseball season, I’m betting on baseball, simple as that,” he explained.

Go in With a Big Bank Roll

Christopher knows that many people interested in gambling live paycheck to paycheck and hit the casinos as a last resort to find financial relief. They are stressed out and gambling with their hearts, not their head. They enter underfunded and inexperienced, and they walk out with nothing.

He suggests learning the principles and going in with smaller goals at first. “Instead of going in with $500 and trying to make $5,000, flip the formula around. Go in with $5,000 and try to make a $500 profit, and you’re much more likely to hit that goal, creating more confidence when starting. Once you’ve met your more modest goal, be disciplined and find the nearest exit for the night.

“The reason I lost every single day is because I went in underfunded. I dug myself into a hole by taking out payday loans and cash advances. I knew that if I could just go in with a $10,000 bankroll, I’d never lose again,” said Christopher.

Use a Separate Bank Account

A separate bank account is a tip that Christopher can’t place enough emphasis on. He says you must open a separate bank account only for gambling to be a responsible gambler. You keep the money you gamble with there and you can keep your profits there too, if you plan to reinvest them.

Do not have this account attached to your day-to-day living expense accounts, and be fanatical about only using these funds for your bets. “I was broke when I started my gambling account. It had only $500 in it. But, by using my collection of tips, rules, and strategies, I quickly grew my gambling money to over $400,000,” he said.

Do Not Learn by Trial and Error

So many people go into a casino thinking they can teach themselves how to gamble correctly or devise tricks no one has used before. You can’t. It’s all based on numbers and principles; it’s not luck or chance, as many think.

Hire a Gambling Coach

“Don’t be in denial; you do need help. Find that coach. Numbers and statistics don’t lie. Documentation beats conversation. Unless you have a coach or a mentor with a proven track record of winning, you will keep losing. You have to get in and get out fast while you’re ahead,” shared Mitchell.

As one of the top gamblers in the world, he holds a recipe for success. From his half-a-million followers to the thousands of testimonials he’s received from satisfied clients over the years, we’d be sure to hedge our bets on Mitchell’s coaching.

About Christopher Mitchell

Christopher Mitchell is the Top Professional Gambler and Gambling Consultant in the world. He teaches people how to find success in casinos in Baccarat, Roulette, Sports Betting, and more. After losing $500,000 in the Casinos, Christopher finally figured out how to win and created his personal recipe for success, which includes specific tips, rules and strategies to follow. He shares winning formulas with others all over the world through his private Inner Circle, exclusive Mastermind Events, as well as his personal one-on-one coaching program.

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