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Citizenship-by-Investment Opportunities Available in Mercobank

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The best and fastest way to become a citizen of any country is to invest a huge sum of money in a business that will provide jobs for citizens and as well add value to that country’s economy. The problem for investors has often been the fact that they do not know which business is profitable and which ones are not. This is why MERCO Bank, one of the leading digital asset management and investment bank, has launched a Citizenship-by-Investment program for investors who would want to immigrate with their families and become citizens in select country.

This would be the first program of its kind that grants access to both the European Union and the borderless Schengen Area. Investors who join this program and have successfully invested will be able to gain visa-free access to all twenty-six big English-speaking countries, including the United States.

MERCO Bank, as a renowned investment bank provides investors from anywhere in the world with opportunities to invest in Real Estate, Government Bonds, Development of funds, business creation and management, angel investments, diversified assets and stocks. So, while making money through our Citizenship-by-Investment Program, you will also be qualified to become a citizen in one of the top countries in Europe.

Because MERCO Bank is constantly looking to help our clients achieve only the best, we are providing investors who have the financial capacity, an opportunity to pursue citizenship options which would give them the privilege to travel to over 26 countries without a visa permit.

How do you become part of the Mercobank Citizenship-by-Investment Opportunity?

The first is to have a clear decision of what you want to invest in (we always advise a free consultation with the MERCO Bank personnels). You can select from the list of investment options provided by the Bank, this includes real estate investment options, angel investments, purchasing already existing businesses, and so on. You also need to have a minimum of €150,000 or any other amount you are willing and able to invest. Once you are sure which asset or investment option is right for you, and how much you are going to deposit, then with the help of our advisors, and auditors, we will initiate legal documentation and professing. Depending on the client’s country, the processing period may range from two weeks to four months.

Our investment specialists have strong relationships with various travel firms and consultancies. They provide detailed research and analysis on the funds and assets most appropriate to the varied financial goals of our clients.No specific qualifications are expected from applicants other than holding a clean criminal record and clear source of funds as well as making an investment

Investment Types:


Several countries offer citizenship by investment programs to attract much needed foreign direct investment. Certain Governments establish investment funds and allow applicants to financially contribute to these funds in exchange for citizenship. There are no returns generated from these funds and the capital is non-refundable therefore they are known as “Donations”.

Real Estate:

One of the options available to applicants seeking to obtain citizenship by investment is to invest in real estate estate is to obtain a real estate investment visa. Some countries require applicants to invest specifically in Government-approved real estate projects while others do not pose any restrictions.

The type of real estate investments to acquire citizenship encompass hotels shares, villas, apartments, commercial properties, and land.

One of the many advantages of applying for citizenship by real estate investment is that you can also receive utility bills from some asset classes, which complements the power of your citizenship for bank account opening, company set ups, amongst other important transactions.

Angel investment:

Angel investors are wealthy private investors focused on financing small business ventures in exchange for equity, partnership or ownership of a firm. Here, we offer access to clients who can fund existing businesses. Angel investing is usually reserved for established businesses beyond the startup phase. These companies have shown promise for profits, but still need capital to develop products or grow. We selectively monitor businesses and manage most on behalf of our clients.

Financial Asset:

Besides making a donation or a real estate investment to obtain a real estate investment visa, other options for applicants to obtain citizenship or residency via investment is to make an investment in financial assets. The type of financial asset varies depending on the program and could be an investment in Government Bonds; in a local business or a creating a new start-up; or an investment in a locally established and Government approved investment Fund.

The best advantage of applying for citizenship or residency via an investment in investor visa countries on these financial assets is that you can hold the asset for the required period and sell it later on with potential capital gains.

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