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Clinical Study of Sebum-Free Ampoule Reveals Record-High Sebum Reduction Rate

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Maria Hunter
Maria Hunter
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The result of a clinical study into the effects of ‘DX Cita Du 1.6 Burning’ is attracting a lot of attention in the market. ‘DX Cita Du 1.6 Burning’ is a sebum-free ampoule developed under the CITA DU project by Demar3, a Korean cosmetic brand that is known for using wild plant ingredients.

According to the efficacy report of ‘DX Cita Du 1.6 Burning Ampoule Steps 1 and 2’ published by OATC Inc. in April 2022, ‘DX Cita Du 1.6 Burning Ampoule Steps 1 and 2’ reduced the secretion rate of sebum that causes skin problems by 71.25% on average. One of the subjects in the study showed an excellent reduction in sebum secretion with a reduction rate of 95.02%.

The sebum reduction rate of the Cita Du project is quite significant as many skin problems occur on oily skin with a relatively large amount of sebum secretion. According to an adverse reaction evaluation conducted by a dermatologist in the same month, the skin irritation index of ‘DX Cita Du 1.6 Burning Ampoule Steps 1 and 2’ was 0.02 and 0.00 respectively, suggesting it is suitable for use on sensitive, acne-prone skin. Considering that most people with oily skin complain of difficulties in using general products due to many skin troubles, the result of this clinical study of ‘DX Cita Du 1.6 Burning Ampoule’ is expected to garner more attention from consumers with oil-prone skin.

The Cita Du project is a large-scale project launched by Demar3 to help consumers improve their skin problems through intensive research on sebum and pores of problematic oily skin.

Currently, ‘DX Cita Du 1.6 Burning Ampoule Steps 1 and 2’ and ‘DX Cita Du Shield Cream’ is available in the US market through Amazon.

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