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Consumer Guarantees That Should Be Assigned To Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Suppliers

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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In 2018 it is an accepted norm that households have access to a mains pressure hot water cylinder.

Up and down the country there is a demand on efficient operating systems to be in place to ensure that a consistent flow of hot water is found, from morning to noon and night, 24 hours of the day, 7 days per week.

As Australian homeowners and consumers scour the market for a provider that they can rely upon, they should each be empowered with a set of guarantees from the brand that protect them from faulty or poorly operating systems.

Storage volumes per litre and energy costs will usually be viewed in parallel with the type of water heating system that has been installed.

From gas and natural gas models to high efficiency electrical products to solar installation, there are different ways and means of offering a regular flow of heated water.

Yet there are universal principles that are fundamental to upholding consumer confidence with this industry.

This is important to stop and consider what you are entitled to as a customer as you look at what domestic energy providers are offering you for a quality hot water system.


Long-Term Warranty

A term such as “100% satisfaction guarantee” might be thrown around easily by marketing campaigns and simple gimmicks, but one way brands can genuinely achieve that mark is to offer a long-term warranty with their mains pressure hot water cylinder. Warranties are in place to provide the consumer with a degree of insurance should something fail or not live up to the standard it was promoted for.

Given the scale of the investment that a hot water model can cost for a homeowner, this is a facet that should not be underestimated one bit. If you can obtain one that ventures beyond 5 years and towards the 10-year mark, then you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are covered when errors occur.


Capacity To Upgrade

One of the other advantages of opting into a contracted plan with a mains pressure hot water cylinder is the ability to upgrade. Whether you have more people living inside the premises or desire a strong capacity to access hot water, there should be a plan in place to transition from basic models to a higher grade. This is often found with storage cylinders that begin at the 135L range and venture up to 180L, 250L and 300L products.


Free Quote

Any customer who cannot access a free quote for their mains pressure hot water cylinder are being abused by the business. This should be fundamental before any transaction of this scope takes place, because the consumer should be equipped with the knowledge about all fees that are inclusive with this investment.


Consultation and Contact Point

There will be some questions that arise having installed a mains pressure hot water cylinder by a domestic provider and this necessitates a direct point of contact with an installer. From helping to schedule monitoring sessions to maintain the condition of the system, this can put consumers to ease knowing they do not have to re-educate another professional for each and every consultation.



Unfortunately it is no longer viable just to take the word of a provider having walked through the front door of the store. Finding a mains pressure hot water cylinder that gives you long-term quality assurance and guarantees is no easy task, and it will be dependent on your capacity to speak to trusted friends, family members and colleagues to gauge their experiences.

Then you can be in a position to cross check ratings and feedback online, seeing if this is in correlation with what you have received from people directly. Then you will be empowered to find an operating model that ticks all the right boxes.

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