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Penetration Testers and Ethical Hackers Embrace Dark Web Monitoring Services as Crucial Tool in Fighting Cybercrime

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Kieran Mcleod
Kieran Mcleod
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The landscape of cybercrime is constantly evolving, and so too are the methods used to prevent it. Today, cybersecurity professionals are taking a major step forward in protecting web applications by adopting dark web monitoring services as part of their practice.

According to the Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report (BDIR) 2022, approximately 80% of attacks on web applications leverage stolen or weak passwords. As a result, penetration testing techniques must evolve to keep up with the changing tactics of cybercriminals.

Leading the way in the dark web monitoring practice is InsecureWeb, a provider of crucial services that allow cybersecurity professionals to watch for relevant information, vulnerabilities, and indicators of ongoing or future attacks. InsecureWeb has collected over 18 billion records historically and adds millions every day. By alerting users when compromised data or indicators of attack are found online, InsecureWeb empowers professionals to take preventive actions and avoid data breaches.

InsecureWeb’s service goes beyond just alerting users when potential threats are found. The platform provides users with contextual information about the threat, including the attacker’s name, compromised systems, and even screenshots of compromises when available. InsecureWeb supports live scans for on-demand searches and continuous real-time monitoring. Furthermore, InsecureWeb also provides mitigation resources to help prevent future attacks.

The adoption of dark web monitoring services like InsecureWeb by penetration testers and ethical hackers is a significant development in the ongoing fight against cybercrime. By staying one step ahead of attackers, cybersecurity professionals are taking a proactive approach to protecting web applications and sensitive data.

The impact of dark web monitoring services cannot be overstated, and the team at InsecureWeb is proud to be at the forefront of this crucial industry. “Our goal is to empower cybersecurity professionals with the tools they need to stay ahead of attackers,” said a spokesperson for InsecureWeb. “We believe that by providing our clients with real-time alerts, contextual information, and mitigation resources, we can help prevent data breaches and protect valuable information.”

InsecureWeb’s dark web monitoring services are an essential tool for any cybersecurity professional looking to prevent cybercrime. With millions of records added every day and a commitment to providing top-quality service, InsecureWeb is the go-to provider for dark web monitoring services.

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