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Devin Johnson the CEO of Kennected takes us through LinkedIn automation and how to do it right

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Ian Feldman
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COVID-19 has changed how people view different aspects of any industry. One such feature which was given a cold shoulder previously is LinkedIn automation – few companies give the social network the attention it deserves.

Because we understand the attention this topic has attracted, we have a guest who understands the subject in depth. Devin Johnson is the CEO of Kennected, an automation company, and his insight will help us to understand this topic in more detail.

Why would you encourage a company to consider leveraging LinkedIn automation?

Never before have we had more reasons to consider automation than we do today. The pandemic has ruffled upmost companies’ traditions. We have seen companies across various industries appreciate the opportunities LinkedIn automation offers.

Some of the benefits of using automation include a reduction in operation costs and an increase in productivity. As people work from home, social media can be a major distraction – we help companies overcome this challenge. Employees can focus on other aspects of lead generation and leave LinkedIn lead generation to Kennected.

Your main focus is LinkedIn – why LinkedIn and not any other platform?

According to marketing expert Neil Patel, LinkedIn offers laser-perfect targeting. The platform has one of the most segmented data libraries of any social platform. The network is a leader when it comes to b2b lead generation. As a company, you can target a specific audience. Apart from that, LinkedIn users are generous with professional information, making it easier to develop meaningful relationships.

How long should one wait to start seeing results?

Fortunately, you don’t even have to wait for days once you choose our platform to manage your LinkedIn growth. After going through our onboarding process, where we hold your hand and help implement proven scripts, our clients see results within hours if not the first day or two. Our dashboard provides the necessary analytics to help you see the impact of our services. We integrate your profile with other networks like Hubspot for better results. Kennected also offers a demo which you can book any time. Our customer support team is always available to ensure a smooth transition.

We are in the middle of a pandemic and companies are closing shop, what would be your advice?

Everything that happens has its positive and negative side. This can be a very good opportunity to rollout LinkedIn automation to boost your business. As competitors go down, you can take a different approach and invest in your digital presence. Because this path is in relative infancy, there are many opportunities for companies that get into it early. You can create your brand presence on LinkedIn and establish your name.

What should we know about LinkedIn Automation to make the most out of it?

Setting up your messaging, known as sequencing is essential. Too many people go for “the kill” right away when using outreach tools. To do it right, you have to provide value to the other person. The old adage, “they don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care” is true. Our sequencing allows you to have auto responses set up and reminders and more. The best part of the tool, is that once you have your target market, and messaging set, the tools visits profiles, sends messages, and then you simply start getting to know them and see how you can provide value to them or their company.

Thanks Devin for sacrificing your time to be with us. We have learned a lot about how we can leverage the unique benefits of an effective LinkedIn automation strategy. You can follow up with Devin Johnson at

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