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Dr. Kim R. Grimes Shares What Young Adults Can Do to Thrive after the Pandemic

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Dr. Kim R. Grimes’ world fell apart when she was 24 years old. Her husband, Lafayette, was confused for a deer by an illegal hunter who left him to die after shooting him.

It was at that moment that Dr. Grimes’ identity started to crumble and she eventually spiraled into a vicious cycle of depression, low self-esteem, and emotional pain. “I was angry with God and with everybody. I made a lot of bad decisions because I was unconsciously trying to harm myself,” she recalls.

It took her some years of rediscovery to overcome that, but finally, she rose to get her life back and give it a meaning it never had before.

Those hard times taught her how to know and love herself in a way she didn’t think was possible.

“I became a woman full of gratitude, passion for life and a desire to help people that are struggling like I was once.”

Dr. Grimes devoted herself to studying how to help people become the best version of themselves. While working as a computer engineer and serving in the military, she acquired certifications for Emotional, Spiritual, Professional, Leadership, Transformation, and Dream Life Coaching.

Shortly after, Dr. Grimes started using her gifts, talent and skills to support people of all ages in overcoming low self-esteem, anxiety, anger, and many other tribulations. Although she works with people of all ages, her passion and calling is foremost towards teenagers and young adults.

“When I am working with young people, I see myself in their eyes,” she explains, “everybody is telling them they’re not worthy: social media, their schoolmates and sometimes even their families. When they finally understand that they are valuable, it is a priceless experience for me.”

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Kim R. Grimes has organized numerous seminars and training sessions. She founded Living Abundantly, Inc. (LA), Living Abundantly Youth Vision (LAYV), Life Abundant Enrichment Center (LAEC), and co-authored a bestselling book: Unbreakable Spirit: Rising Above the Impossible.

She also hosts a podcast to help people, young and mature, love themselves and be who they are without apologizing to anyone.

COVID hit and left a myriad of effects related to our physical health, but perhaps even more to our emotional well-being.

Isolation, economic problems, and truncated projects have left a pandemic of depression and low self-value which has been particularly hard on teenagers and young adults.

Dr. Kim R. Grimes has the mission of helping as many young women and men as possible. “I need to encourage young people because they’re the future. I go everywhere I believe I can reach them,” she states.

She keeps hosting conferences, training programs, and one-on-one sessions to help people understand their value and to find their true identity in life.

With the same goal, Dr. Grimes shared with us advice to teenagers and young adults to help them get back on track during these difficult years.

Ask yourself LALA

Dr. Grimes rose above her struggles because she learned how to look inwards. She realized that she was desperately looking for answers to the same questions during her youthful years.

Now she helps young people to ask themselves these questions which she has distilled in the acronym LALA:

  • What I LIKE about myself is…
  • What I APPRECIATE about myself is…
  • What I LOVE about myself is…
  • What I ADMIRE about myself is…

Asking yourself the previous questions is a starting point to uncover your personality, gifts, talents, and all the things that make you unique and worthy of love. Start with asking the four questions for seven days. Journal your answers and read the sentences out loud in front of a mirror. The caveat is that you can not repeat any  answers among the questions in the entire week.

Dr. Grimes considers this exercise so effective that she keeps practicing it herself.

Practice loving yourself unapologetically

The flood of information in today’s life makes it easy to lose ourselves. Our social and family circles set rigid expectations and create in all of us the need to conform.

It might seem like a common place, but the truth is you are unique in your personality, talents, personal history, and purpose, and that is something amazing in itself.

Being able to see and experience life in a way no one else can is one of the things that makes life so interesting and enjoyable. It also puts you in an ideal position to find a unique purpose that will give you fulfillment.

Dr. Grimes explains: “Our life has meaning because of how we were created, so thinking about our greatness is something we should exercise all the time.”

Your greatness resides in the things that you can do; what you have gone through and endured; the work you have put into becoming a better version of yourself, and your perseverance in living your best life and learning from it.

Identify what you love about life and your purpose will be revealed. Once you know your purpose, follow it unapologetically.

No matter what you do, people are gonna talk about you. You do not have time to worry about that, instead, keep going after your dreams.

Dr. Grimes says: “Stop playing small! Start by giving yourself permission to be you, unapologetically! Because no one is better at being you than you.”

Reach out to your family, loved ones, and people that can help you

As a young person, sometimes it is difficult to open up about what we feel, the questions we have, or what we need, emotionally.

The pandemic has also brought a sense of loneliness and instilled into us an isolation mindset that manifests in many areas of our lives.

We should push against that. We should reach out to people who love us, especially if we are not feeling right. Talk to your family or your close friends about the way you feel, and look for a space where your emotions and concerns are validated, and where you can be helped.

Dr. Kim R. Grimes has devoted her life to supporting people, especially teenagers, and young and mature adults struggling with these concerns. She is an accomplished and recognized Emotional Literacy Coach and mentor who has helped hundreds of people overcome insecurity, depression, and many other struggles.

If you feel like you need help, don’t hesitate to contact her through her Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. She is eager to get to know you and walk with you toward a life full of unapologetic self-love and purpose.

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