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How Melodee Has Become the Ultimate Personalised Video Message Platform, thanks to Eddie Ephraim

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Perhaps the most thoughtful way to show that special someone that you care is through a personalised gift. If your partner or friend is a creative person, then a custom video from a performer is the ideal way to wish them well on any occasion. Melodee is the brand new platform for easily accessing countless performers of all different kinds.

The platform hosts musicians, magicians, dancers, actors, and much more. It is easy to request a unique video from these performers and give your partner something that they can treasure forever. Find out how CEO Eddie Ephraim created the website below.

Hello Eddie, thank you for joining us. Can you introduce yourself to begin?

My name is Eddie Ephraim, I am 28 years old, and I was born in London but grew up in Kent and Dorset for my school. I have also lived and worked in the Middle East, Vietnam and in London.

Importantly, I am the Founder & CEO at Melodee, and I am a grade 3 violinist. Melodee was born though mainly inspiration from others to create a performer’s first platform. We’re determined to create beautiful technology for both performers and users.

When did you get the idea for your company Melodee?

The good old birth of Melodee! Well, lots of reasons but the real start of it all was back in 2007 as I always felt there should be an instant online opportunity for performers to earn money.

Years later I was living in the Middle East and, at the time, I wanted to send my grandmother a present. I wanted to send a unique gift, not just a delivery of cards and chocolates but something that she can remember.

I managed to send a video clip of myself and her favorite song in the background. She loved the present and it’s something that she still talks about today. Therefore, it was an accumulation of ideas that created what is Melodee today.

Can you tell us about what Melodee is?

Melodee is the first instant service that makes contacting and purchasing a bespoke video from a performer easy, all it takes is a few clicks. Imagine a magician, singer or even an impressionist at your disposal. The wide selection of performers varies in align with the occasion. Melodee provides a marketplace and service for performers online to create a personalised video gifts for the user. We are growing month by month and are grateful for all the interest.

What kind of performers can people find on Melodee?

Currently, we offer six diverse categories that’ll make the best video gift for an array of people. These consist of MusiciansMagiciansImpressionistsDancersComedians, and Actors that all offer bespoke video gifts based on your requirements. Because of this, we’ve developed a platform that provides a comprehensive number of unique performers. Whether your partner is musically motivated, comedic, mysterious, or visually creative, Melodee has something for everybody.

How can performers get involved on your platform?

By going to to directly sign-up on the site. All they need to do is click “Become a Seller”, follow the steps, and then click “Post a Listing”. We leave the ideas of the listings to the performers, the main aim is to create the engagement between the user and the performer. If you are a performer looking for a remote or even part-time opportunity, we would love to hear from you too. Alternatively, you can view our social media pages and can get involved on our platform by reaching out.

How do users go about requesting a video from a performer?

Visit for your unique video gift from our brilliant performers and choose any performer you wish from our listings. Also, follow us on social media as we update regularly. Later in the year we will be launching our app on iOS and Android, which we are all very excited about. It’s a platform that can bring ideas to life by offering a multitude of gigs from professional performers. The experts on Melodee provide personalised videos that are the perfect video gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or married partner.

What kind of occasions are these personalised videos suitable for?

The reason you’ve come across this post is that you have no personalised gift ideas for your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or friend. However, you’re not alone, and it’s a challenging task. But, with personalised videos, you can offer a long-lasting impression that they’ll remember for a lifetime.

Melodee has a lot of character, passion, and uniqueness with the performers and people behind-the-scenes. Therefore, we have provided a platform for both the user and performer to benefit via a video gift.

Thank you Eddie for your time!
You can follow up with Eddie Ephraim at or

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