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Eduardo Perez Explains What It Takes to Excel in an Unpredictable Industry

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
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The mortgage industry, much like the real estate industry, often experiences numerous changes throughout the years. While some of these changes are more predictable than others, being prepared for the unexpected is the way to get through those complex challenges and continue to succeed. For example, the CEO and co-founder of Equity Prime Mortgage, Eduardo G. Perez Jr., launched the business in 2008 during one of the most challenging times for the United States because of the recession. Yet, despite the lack of trust from homebuyers and the low morale amongst employees, he remained optimistic and continued working non-stop.

“If you want to excel in an unpredictable industry, such as the mortgage industry, you need to put your all into everything. It’s crucial to set goals that you can work toward to keep yourself motivated and ready to keep pushing. Challenges can develop in any industry, but they’re even more common in the mortgage industry because of the unpredictability of the market,” shared Eduardo Perez. “My passion for the industry helped me achieve a series of goals to get to that bigger picture. If you want to do well, you need to have that genuine passion and use it as motivation to continue learning. Instead of thinking solely about the money you can make from what you’re doing, think about the significant impact your hard work can have and how many lives you can change throughout the process.”

Responsible for business development, overseeing overall sales, enhancing diversity initiatives, developing creative strategies, and more, it’s easy to see that Eduardo Perez has his hands full. However, because he loves what he does for a living, it’s become easier to multitask while staying focused and productive to see the best results. His dedication to his role at Equity Prime Mortgage has led to his feature in Mortgage Professionals Magazine’s list of 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals Under 40. In addition, the company received recognition as one of the leading mortgage bankers in the nation. Perez credits the success of Equity Prime Mortgage to the team’s willingness to remain driven and focused on the bigger picture, even during the most trying times.

“Consumers like to work with us because we provide a safe and welcoming environment for them to improve themselves while choosing from various products that meet their needs. We also make sure to give the broker community a voice while using the latest technology to provide enhanced experiences for all,” said Perez. “We know that others have paved the way for us, and that is why our company feels so strongly about paying it forward. We want the next generation companies to have an even greater level of success while mastering the art of overcoming adversity, which is why we regularly host educational events to help others within the industry.”

The company plans to continue branching out by getting involved in the media world while continuing to provide the latest information on the housing industry. With big things coming, Eduardo Perez looks forward to what the future has in store.

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