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Everest Business Funding Reveals 5 Ways to Build Client Relationships That Last

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Establishing strong client relationships brings long-term benefits to any business. As Everest Business Funding explains, they can lead to greater success for campaigns and projects, loyal clients who never leave and refer you to new clients, and a better overall reputation for your brand.

Learning how to build solid relationships with your current clients is one of a business’s most important things. Once you do that, you’ll be prepared to establish great relationships with all your future clients as well.

Here are five ways that you can do just that:

#1. Do Your Research

The work needed to build strong relationships begins before your clients even become your clients. Learning as much as you possibly can about your clients while recruiting and wooing them will go a long way in getting them to like you.

The information you should gather includes what services and products they offer and things such as their top competitors, their goals and challenges, what they have done in the past and whether it worked, and their general budget.

Go beyond this complex information to gather other data points, such as defining success, what makes them tick, and how they separate themselves from competitors. When you have all of this information in hand, it’ll be easier to cater your offerings specifically to them.

#2. Create an Extensive Process for Onboarding

A great way to impress new clients is by creating an extensive onboarding process that welcomes them to your company. This will help them understand that you genuinely value clients and don’t just approach them as a signed, sealed and delivered contract.

Some things you can do are mail them a kit to welcome them as your client. This could include some swag that you branded and tips on how they can best contact you.

Hold an initial kick-off meeting to get everyone on the same page. When everyone involved understands the expectations, the relationship is more likely to be successful.

#3. Treat Them Like a Partner

This point ties in with the one above. When you treat your clients like a partner, they feel valued. Don’t make the relationships you have with your clients only transactional in nature — a this-for-that scenario.

Make them feel a part of your extended family, and emphasize their importance to your success, just as you are important to theirs. The best client relationships are built on mutual respect and trust, which are mutually beneficial to all sides.

#4. Be Proactive

The better you can anticipate your clients’ needs, the better you’ll be able to serve them. Don’t just sit back and wait for them to come to you. If you have a way to help them become more successful, share your ideas with them.

Everest Business Funding says this principle applies to challenges you may face, too. In other words, if your company made a mistake or can’t deliver on a promise, be upfront about it.

You can’t be perfect all the time, and that’s OK — as long as you’re open, honest and upfront about it.

#5. Understand Where They’re Coming From

 Put yourself in your clients’ shoes as often as you possibly can. It may be hard to approach a relationship from outside of your own company’s viewpoint, but doing so is essential to serving your clients as best you can.

Have in-depth conversations with your clients so you can understand where they’re coming from and what matters to them. Then, use that information to serve them to the best of your abilities in the specific ways they want and need.

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