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The Farming Industry Receives a Massive Boost from the New Breedbooks Program

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
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Farming isn’t just the backbone of our country. It’s also one of the hardest businesses to operate, and it seems to constantly get harder with rising overhead costs, fewer buyers, and more on top of the natural obstacles farmers face.

However, one farmer-founded company has found a way to boost farm revenue and provide the public with unforgettable experiences.

Farm tourism.

What is Farm Tourism?

Farm tourism is when a farm opens itself to public or private audiences to allow them to tour the farm, get an in-person look at products and buy them directly from the farmers, enjoy special attractions or offerings, and more.

However, farm tourism isn’t new. It’s a concept that has been around for a while as a way to bring in more revenue. The issue is that farmers haven’t had access to tools that make it easy to open their farms up to new opportunities.

That’s where Breedbooks comes in.

How is Breedbooks Helping?

Breedbooks has taken charge to alleviate farmers and help them find steady, improved, income necessary to thrive in today’s world.

Breedbooks has made a revolutionary new platform to fill the void of farmer-friendly tools in the farm tourism market.

This new platform helps farms in three main ways.

1: Transactions Made Easy

Handling transactions without tons of hidden fees and nonsense is one of the main obstacles farmers have to deal with when it comes to farm tourism.

Breedbooks made a simple, easy-to-use, payment system that allows visitors to pay instantly on-site, and that money is immediately added to the farmer’s account.

The only fee farmers have to worry about is a small percentage of each transaction going to keep Breedbooks in business. Visitors aren’t charged extra, and farmers know exactly what their fees are.

2: Farther Reach

Farm tourism isn’t successful if would-be visitors don’t know about it. Breedbooks allows farmers to quickly and easily make detailed listings of their tour schedules, list their offerings, and more. Each tour is immediately uploaded and marketed to help boost tour attendance dramatically.

3: Faster, More Reliable, Ticket Purchases

Finally, Breedbooks allows visitors to buy tickets ahead of time for their favorite farm tours. By making the ticket purchasing process easy, visitors are more likely to convert.

Farmers benefit, too. Beyond being able to make events exclusive to certain customers or public to everyone, they also get to see exactly how many people will be showing up to prepare accordingly.

How Has Breedbooks Helped Farmers So Far?

Breedbooks has already made a massive impact on the farming industry. Because of how easy it makes booking farm tours and handling transactions, farmers have enjoyed a mean increase in on-site spending of up to 24.4%. That’s a huge jump in revenue from people buying their products, animals, and more during their tours.

With the unique challenges facing farmers today, streamlined, effective, farm tourism can make all the difference. Whether you’re interested in checking out local farms for direct-from-farmer products, or you’re a farmer looking for new income, check out Breedbooks today.

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