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Female CEO of Gipnetix PTE LTD Reveals How to Start a Business amid the Global Crisis: Young and Successful

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Kieran Mcleod
Kieran Mcleod
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Not even reaching the age of 30, Daria Halchack succeeded to start her own business, Gipnetix PTE. LTD., in the midst of a pandemic. Gipnetix is ​​ a place with endless learning resources available for people to learn SMM and brand development. The platform helps marketers progress in their jobs and better ad campaigns. Entrepreneurs and influencers can learn everything they need to know to grow their brands and online presence.

Before starting her business, she was an Instagram influencer with more than 200 000 followers. Notwithstanding Daria spending most of her remaining free time managing her own business, we’ve arranged a conversation to get to know her and also get some tips for influencers and SMEs. Her successful journey is a classic case of how powerful intelligent business planning can be..

When and why did you come up with Gipnetix? What inspired you?

DH: Gipnetix wasn’t really created by intention. I just thought of how great it would be to assist everyone in their online marketing affairs by building something that transforms complicated and obscure processes like brand development more relaxed. I was inspired by the mission of Gipnetix, the project’s main idea.

What was the main idea behind Gipnetix? 

DH: The main idea as well as the mission of Gipnetix is to create a platform full of valuable insights and information giving life changing possibilities. Gipnetix supports SMEs in corporate brand development and advertising their products and services effectively. We also provide especially valuable means for influencers to expand their reach and allow for seamless personal brand development.

I want for somebody who comes to Gipnetix to feel like the platform is the right place whether they set ambitious objectives or look for a reliable partner to assist in lead and sales generation, brand development or improved performance.

Starting a company during the COVID-19 crisis was surely a daring move. Do you regret it? What would you recommend to starting business owners?

DH: No, I have no regrets at all. It was a risk but it was definitely worth it. I believe that particularly in tough times like now, we have to keep our spirits up. As Sun Tzu once said, “In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity.” I remembered this rather old quote as I could see the virus rampaging across the world creating worldwide chaos.

We all encounter chaos in daily life situations. People usually dislike it so much and fight it desperately. It presumably would be more relaxed if leading a team, family or a company was constantly predictable and followed with simple choices, but things normally end up quite the contrary.

In my opinion, a genuine leader must be capable of leading through chaos. I hope to share more in the future to encourage starting entrepreneurs and just anyone out there to deal with any difficulties much better and continue leading when the world is a flux.

We are frequently tempted to generate order in any uncertainty. It just seems to be more protected and predictable on the first glance. Order can surely help employees reduce anxiety and boost productivity, nothing of value can be easy to get. Chaos is the most suitable time for inventing something new. Innovation and fresh ideas are needed in uncertain times more than ever. Order simply won’t encourage us to innovate and these aren’t what we actually need in these harsh times.

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur not scared of the difficulty, I would just go for it. All you have to do is work towards learning your market, then create a compelling product and finally sell your idea.

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