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Fitness Expert and T3 Body Founder JC White on the 5 Best Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Resolution for 2023

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Aiming for that ideal beach body, the ability to run a 10k, or the flexibility to do all those mobility challenges trending on TikTok are among the most popular fitness-related resolutions for 2023.

However, we all know that it’s much easier to make the resolution at midnight on New Year’s Eve than to stick with it throughout the year. We often get derailed by work, family commitments, or our own inner saboteur, who tells us that it’s far better to relax on the couch than slog to the gym on a grim winter evening.

JC White, Founder & CEO of T3 Body, has been training everyone from fitness newbies to professional athletes to stick to their fitness goals for years. He focuses on helping successful men get fit using proven scientific coaching and consulting. The former professional bodybuilder and Men’s Fitness cover athlete has won awards for his personalized training programs that can help any man reach their fitness goals and finally tackle that healthy resolution.

“It’s well known that getting and staying fit is hard. There’s just so much noise about the best ways to be fit. But how do you know what will work best for your particular body, goals, and lifestyle?” White asked. “Well, that’s why I came up with a system of bloodwork, biomechanics, and biofeedback to identify what you need to do.”

The fitness expert defines ‘fit’ as body fat below 15 percent, strength, stamina, endurance, high libido, focus, and drive. Clients can expect full blood work at the beginning when they work with him. But this is far different than what happens at your doctor’s office, since White compares the results to the world’s elite athletes, not other people suffering from illness.

Here, he shares five tips to help you to stick with any health and fitness goal in 2023.

Set a Goal

There’s so little possibility of achieving your dreams if you don’t set goals. How will you even know if you are achieving it or falling short without a concrete goal? Setting an end goal — such as 12 percent body fat, for example, is terrific and concrete enough to help you make tangible steps toward it.

Another important piece of the puzzle is setting smaller goals along the way to keep yourself motivated and inspired. You can even reward yourself with a new piece of equipment or great pair of workout shoes once you reach your smaller benchmarks.

“You need to fully determine and detail your goals to succeed. I sit down with each coaching client in the beginning and have them drill down until we get to what they really mean by ‘fit’ or ‘healthy,’” explained White. “You can start with phrases such as ‘fat loss,’ ‘muscle gain,’ or ‘improved weight lifting,’ but try to get more specific, such as ‘be able to safely and regularly squat 200 pounds by the end of 2023.’”

Find a Purpose

For this to work and become a lifestyle, not just a crash fitness program, you must have a purpose beyond simply looking good. A deeper motivation is needed to sustain you for the long term.

“Ask yourself why you want this — and be honest!” said White. “Why are you prioritizing your health and fitness this year? If you can identify a deep-rooted and emotional reason behind what you are doing, you’ll be far more likely to meet the goals that you set for yourself.”

Make a Game Plan

There is an old adage that says, ‘people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.’ There’s nowhere that this is more true than in training and fitness. You need a detailed plan for the days when your son gets sick at school, you have a late-night client call, or your entire office decides to order Chinese food for lunch.

“Be very detailed in your game plan. Don’t leave too many things to chance. Know exactly how many calories to eat per day and what you are actually going to do during your roadmap,” said White. “If you were going to drive from Los Angeles to New York City, you would use GPS to ensure a successful trip, right? So, give yourself a roadmap to achieving your fitness goals like you would map out a trip.”

Set Your Priorities

White knows that we can’t all be fitness saints all the time. There are nights out, parties, and a whole world you can — and should — enjoy. To him, it all comes down to your priorities and being extremely honest with yourself.

“What are you willing to sacrifice, and what’s off the table? If you love eating and drinking out with friends and family, and giving that up will make you miserable — and in danger of cheating — then don’t give it up,” shared White. “Instead, keep your nights out and shift your goal from losing 20 pounds in 12 weeks to 20 pounds in 16 weeks. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!”

Consistency is Key

Creating good habits you can stick to for a lifetime is far more important than doing it all perfectly. There will be bad days, but the winners get back on track the next morning.

“Be hyper-focused on consistency and progression over perfection. You aren’t going to be perfect every single day. Even professional athletes have off days. Create a realistic training schedule and stick to it. That way, once it’s integrated into your routine, it becomes second nature over time,” he said.

Following this sampling of tips and expert advice from the T3 Founder, you can expect to start feeling healthier, looking better, and meeting those treasured fitness resolutions.

About JC White

JC White is the Founder & CEO of T3 Body, an online, science-backed fitness coaching and consulting company to help entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves. The former professional bodybuilder is a two-time Powerlifting California State Championship participant, and award-winning Men’s Fitness cover athlete. For more information about how he helps clients develop tailored and personalized lifestyle programs, please visit

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