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Five marketing trends for brand awareness in 2018

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George Soto
George Soto
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Marketing is changing rapidly as businesses try to keep up with consumers. There’s no longer any standardised formula that applies across board – companies have to be smart and specific about their marketing processes in order to increase their brand awareness.

With the rise of digital technologies and its influence on brand visibility and awareness, it is essential that marketing strategies adjust accordingly to capitalise on new opportunities.

As a modern business, it is equally vital for you to be updated on the latest developments in marketing. Consumers are becoming easily distracted and bored with the rapid nature of modern society, so keeping up with the trends is essential. Here are five marketing trends propelling brand awareness in 2018!

Establish your relevant market

It’s no longer effective to try and catch the most fish with your marketing content. As consumers are faced with an increasing number of advertisements and marketing messages, they are bored and desensitised by them.

This only becomes more prominent when they are constantly shown advertisements that have no relevance to their specific situation. The way to stand out is to connect your marketing messages with the right people – your target market.

Being connected with people who are actively seeking your product is extremely valuable. For these reasons, marketing tactics such as SEO or sponsorships with influencers are becoming increasingly popular.

Spread across platforms

To establish a good level of brand awareness, it’s no longer good enough to have prominence on a single platform. Spread your business’ message on multiple sites – it increases your reach and visibility.

Building up your business’ presence will help create a stronger brand awareness and image. It provides more ways to connect with your market and learn more about what your audience likes.

Marketing with a message

Consumers are looking to find authenticity more than ever in the things they are presented with. It’s no surprise – after decades of surface-level advertising, it’s no longer so simple to grab the attention of your audience.

People are used to being presented with advertisements that aren’t a true representation of the product featured. They’ve also heard about unethical practices that cause them to feel jaded about the current business industry.

Doing good and demonstrating that is one key way to differentiate your business from others. Marketing campaigns that have social value and a message behind them are proving to be more interesting than traditional advertisements.

Social media

Individuals are engaging with social media more than ever, and so are businesses. Business presence on social media sites is on the rise, and there’s a good reason for it. Through social media, companies can connect with their customers easily and at a fast speed.

Individuals are more engaged on social media platforms, so expanding company presence to such platforms can increase visibility and connection to their market. It also allows for a more interactive experience as compared to traditional websites.

Through social media, companies can gain feedback from their customer that helps informs future marketing decisions. It is also a great low-cost method for putting out content and catching the attention of individuals.

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