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Five popular food trends to watch for in 2020

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George Soto
George Soto
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Food is becoming increasingly innovative, especially due to globalisation and the introduction of different cultural flavours in this modern day and age.

New dishes are being invented every day that are influenced by cultures all around the world. The ease of transportation has allowed us to try foods that aren’t native to the country we live in. All of these factors have led to more experimentation in cooking and dining.

While trends in cooking vary country to country, here are five of the many trends that are affecting the way we cook, eat, and dine in 2018!

Food technology

Technology is progressing faster than ever and it’s affecting all industries, including food. This isn’t necessarily new – modern technology has transformed the way we buy food and make food, through the introduction of new equipment and ways of packaging.

However, the technology seems to be getting on another level, with the rise of artificial intelligence. More developments in technology are making the future of robots replacing fast food workers more feasible.

Plant-based diets

Move over, meat – vegetables are fast becoming the star of the show. Not only are chefs starting to introduce more vegetable-based dishes, consumers are beginning to move towards adopting a plant-based diet.

Changes in values and demand surrounding consumption are forcing both the food and restaurant industry to become more diverse. More experimentation with vegetable options is expected to continue, as new vegan-based restaurants or food products are established.

Flowers for flavour

We’ve seen flowers on dishes as a purely aesthetic selling point, but it seems like 2018 is going to bring dishes that use flowers for their flavour.

Flowers are being introduced to drinks, with the rise of beverages such as lavender lattes or tea mixes with certain flowers. We’re sure this trend will only increase the visual appeal of such dishes while adding a unique taste!

Aesthetic dishes

As social media becomes more prominent, the importance of visual appeal in a dish is rising. Platforms that are based on visuals are becoming more popular, and people want to get that perfect shot for their next social media post.

In order to get featured on the next viral video or grow a booming following on a social media platform, a restaurant or café needs to think about the aesthetics of their food. But of course, this factor shouldn’t overtake the taste of the food.

In the past, this trend has led to explosively coloured baked goods, over-decorated smoothies, and visually appealing smoothie bowls. We’re excited to see what 2018 brings!

Sustainable practices

Following the growing concern for the environment due to issues such as climate change, sustainability is something stakeholders of the food industry are starting to consider seriously.

Establishing sustainable practices, such as ethical sourcing practices or cutting down on waste in the kitchen, is thus becoming more and more popular.

This trend is reflecting the changing consumer and societal values, as the food industry learns to be more efficient and sustainable with their methods.

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