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Five simple and healthy dessert ideas

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George Soto
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When we’re at the supermarket, it’s easy for us to grab something off the shelf without thinking about ingredients in it. We often crave something sweet and it’s convenient to get it from the store. But it’s not the case that something which tastes good has to be bad for our bodies. There are plenty of recipes that will make the perfect dessert without impacting your diet too much.

Here are five examples of healthy dessert ideas that are simple and delicious!

Vegan ice cream

Often referred to as ‘nice cream’, vegan ice cream is a great substitute for regular ice cream. All you have to do is freeze your bananas ahead of time – blending them will create a solid, creamy texture that looks just like ice cream.

This base is great for you to play with flavours and combinations that you prefer. Adding dark chocolate, honey, or fruits to your frozen banana mixture will create a healthier ice cream that still has the flavours and sweetness that you enjoy!

The best thing about this dessert is that it is super easy to make, with only a couple of ingredients and a short amount of time!


Sorbet is a super easy dessert that’s another great alternative for frozen treats. All you need is frozen fruit, yoghurt, and some sugar, and you’re all set! Just blend these ingredients together in a food processor, and you can either serve straight away or freeze it for later.

Substituting some of the sugar with honey and using healthy yoghurt options like original Greek yoghurt will keep the guilt of this dessert at a minimum. You can use any frozen fruit to make sorbet so it’s easily customisable and up to you!


Skip the milkshake and try making your own smoothie for a healthy alternative. Adding any frozen fruit, ice, yoghurt, and milk together in a blender is super easy, healthy, and tasty – as long as you watch your ingredients.

Try to use Greek yoghurt and combine it with honey to create a healthier yoghurt mixture. You can also substitute full cream milk with coconut, almond, or soy alternatives if you wish.

Frozen fruits

This is super simple but makes for a great snack if you’re short on time and craving something sweet. Keeping frozen fruits in your freezer makes it easy for you to reach for a snack that is good for you and that you can eat right away!

Frozen grapes especially have a great texture that can easily substitute an ice block, and the sweetness of grapes makes this dessert irresistible even to children.

Watermelon cake

This dessert is not cake-based as the name suggests – and it is an extremely simple recipe. You’ll need to leave canned coconut cream in the fridge for a day so that it starts to separate.

All you need to do is chill the watermelon and cut out your cake base from the fruit. After that, simply take the cream from the separated coconut cream and use that as your icing! Decorate with other fruits as you see fit.

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