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Five trends in mobile apps development

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George Soto
George Soto
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Mobile apps are becoming increasingly relevant, as the number of users of mobile devices only continues to grow. Apps can increase the capabilities of our devices, by providing a way to access and use new features.

It is now easier than ever to send an email or check up on your bank account with the introduction and improvement of mobile apps. But mobile apps are set to only improve more, as new technologies are being incorporated into the design process.

Mobile apps have the ability to change the way we live our lives, as we can take them with us and use them anywhere we go. Here are five trends in mobile app developments that are set to take off!

Augmented reality

This technology was introduced to a widespread audience with the release of Pokémon Go, and it proved to be immensely popular. This suggests the incorporation of augmented reality in mobile apps is only set to grow – and sure enough, many mobile apps with this technology have surfaced.

But the integration of a user’s real-time surroundings has apps beyond gaming, as navigational services might be set to improve with the use of augmented reality. Google has revealed plans to incorporate augmented reality to aid their navigational features in Google Maps.

Cloud-based apps

Innovation becomes smarter and more integrated with cloud-based apps. Cloud storage, which involves storing files on an internet-based storage space rather than an individual device, has lessened the pressure on internal storage.

It has also increased the storage capability of any device, by introducing an additional storage space. With cloud-based apps, it is possible to access your files from more than one location – file transfer becomes a lot easier and seamless.


Mobile apps are becoming increasingly personalised, by monitoring user activity and introducing features such as suggestions. This has the ability to majorly improve user convenience and the application’s usefulness for the user.

Apps can now offer a more tailored experience for its users with the use of new data analysis and observation features.

Artificial intelligence

We can see the developments in artificial intelligence through the improvements in virtual assistants. AI is set to become even smarter with improvements in machine-learning. Mobile apps with artificial intelligence technology can now recognise audio and visuals better than ever.

This allows for increased innovation in mobile apps, as the capabilities are expanded with artificial intelligence. From identifying objects to constructing messages, the possibilities are endless.

Mobile payments

Not only can you check up on your bank account and transfer money directly on your mobile, but making payments with a tap of your phone is easier than ever. No more fumbling for your cards, you can pay using your phone on an EFTPOS machine.

This adds another layer of security to your payments and makes it easy for you to leave the house with nothing but your phone. New apps are being developed to simplify this payment process and consumers seem to be happy to adopt this new payment method.

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