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Forex Trader and Mentor Sebastian Toplak On Trading and Learning

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Sebastian Toplak has seen his fair share of career changes in his 26 years on earth. From serving in the Slovenian army, tending, to becoming a decorated Forex trader and mentor. Sebastian Toplak is anything but typical, and he has taken his years of dedicated studying and analyses of the vast and everchanging marketplace and channeled it into his mentorships and coaching packages.

In order to understand why these are a little different than your garden variety Forex mentorships, it helps to understand just how far Sebastian Toplak has come in his illustrious career.

Humble Beginnings

Back in 2017, Sebastian Toplak was working in a bar where he came across a well-to-do businessman who seemed to be analyzing some pretty egregious charts and figures, once Mr. Toplak asked he did for a living, he simply answered, “I’m a Forex trader.”

Sebastian Toplak

Sebastian spent the following few weeks in research mode, the idea of trading and making a career from analysis seemed too good to be true. But lo and behold, he began to grasp it. It took a while mind you, and he wasn’t driving around in a Maserati after a few days (as some would lead you to believe).

In fact, he spent the better part of 5-6 hours a day in the beginning stages simply reading and understanding the various ways the market can change, how to trade effectively, and what to look for by looking at the theories and experiences of others.

Once he had established himself as a serious Forex trader, he began attracting the attention of other traders and enthusiasts who wished to gain a little insight into his process. Between his trades and his newfound mentorship program, he was finally able to quit his other job last year and focus on trading and mentoring full-time.

A dream for any Forex trader.

Mistakes & Triumphs

It was not all sunshine and rainbows however, as with any learning curve there were always going to be mistakes now and again. For Sebastian Toplak, some of the biggest mistakes turned into the greatest lessons.

Sebastian Toplak

One of them being the importance of taking your occasional loss when it does present itself. The biggest mistake he had seen others make is the temptation to chase back losses as quickly as possible, which does not help anyone and can snowball pretty quickly.

This leads to the triumphs as well, for without the mistakes, there would be no lessons, and with no lessons, there can be no true triumphs. For Sebastian Toplak, his triumphs have been in his steady trading schedule, compiled with his busy mentorship schedule – all of which allow him to impart the harsher lessons he received from his experience in building up his own Forex trading enterprise.

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