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Four tips for marketing your brand online

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George Soto
George Soto
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Your online presence is becoming more pertinent, as more consumers are discovering new brands through online platforms. The internet provides consumers with an easy way to search for what they want, but also provides many suggestions through online advertisements for what they might want.

Marketing your brand online can be immensely helpful for your brand engagement and visibility, but only if you utilise it in the right way. The problem with social media is that many things can go wrong, and its interactive nature means that you won’t be able to face the backlash without some damage to your reputation.

Follow these tips in order to get an effective online marketing solution!

Consider your market

The first thing you should do before you decide which online channels to pick is to consider your target market and current customer base. You will need to get an idea of which online channels they gravitate towards and use.

This knowledge will help you decide which platforms are most beneficial for you to establish a presence. You should also consider what your market is likely to follow your business for. Is it informative content? Keeping up with promotional deals? An update of your company’s performance?

Collecting consumer responses to a short survey may help to gauge the answer to this question. Whatever it is, tailor your website or social media page to suit what your consumers want to see.

Use social media

Social media is important for helping engagement. Through the interactive platform of social media, consumers can give you their feedback on what they like or don’t. Their reaction to your content helps you narrow down on what your consumer likes.

Through social media, you have a measure of your consumer preferences through likes, shares, comments, and reviews. This bank of knowledge is incredibly useful in informing what to change or improve.

This data can be used as a form of market research and helps collect more knowledge about the preferences of your market. You can choose which social media platform you believe best suits your business and clients. For example, if you are looking to create informative and professional content, you might use LinkedIn.

Create content with value

Consumers are being targeted with more advertising content than ever, and they’re sick of seeing things that are irrelevant or useless to them. Creating content with value for the consumer is important if you want to run a successful online marketing strategy.

This can be done by putting forward useful articles or videos which explains concepts or situations related to your product industry.

Listen to the consumer

On online platforms, your audience will often have responses for the content you put out. Remember that your consumer is vital to your business and don’t be afraid to listen to what they have to say.

Consumers are now expecting transparency, authenticity, and good customer service more than ever, so follow this. Let your audience know the story behind your brand and promote a ‘real’ image.

Respond to enquiries and problems that your consumers have and attempt to make amends!

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