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From Competitive Coaching To Lifestyle Management With Jonathan Fogelberg

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Just a handful of the world’s most business people have managed to generate success during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Where company growth took a nosedive and industries became unviable overnight, entrepreneurs looked for a new approach amidst the chaos and confusion.

Throughout the pandemic, high achievers sought out solutions for fitness improvement. @jonathanfogelberg, the CEO and founder of COACH JF, embarked on a journey to provide unrivaled coaching services. Already a commended trainer for athletes, Jonathan was able to evolve his approach for those looking to improve their personal fitness.

The competitive edge has been within Jonathan throughout his life. Starting at the age of four, he took part in the likes of ice hockey, soccer, and golf, gaining valuable experience in competitive sports. An early life centered around sport inspired Jonathan’s business ventures, too, as watching his parents work overtime to afford his development in ice hockey fuelled his desire to build a business that could one day repay them. The passing of his father in 2020 leaves the coach with a sole pledge to help his mother retire this summer at the age of 57.

Jonathan’s business has long helped athletes achieve their fitness potential, with the aim to gain the coveted IFBB Pro card. Indeed, the entrepreneur has assisted clients to over 270 top three placings since 2016 and six IFBB Pro cards since 2019. However, with the lion’s share of competitions being cancelled in 2020, he has shifted his view to a bigger pool of clientele, providing comprehensive fitness coaching to a range of willing participants.

With the increasing internationalism of the sector, Jonathan has turned to focus on the global potential of COACH JF’s business model. With its leader now based in Dubai, the service now looks to become the most prominent fitness solution for successful people worldwide.

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