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GearEye Review: Smart Gear Management System for On-the-Go-Professionals!

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Travon Marner
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After a long wait, GearEye is finally out and being shipped to customers all over the world! So, for those who waited as eagerly for the ‘GearEye: Management System’ as we did, what are your thoughts???

Today, we share some insights on the product that, according to its Kickstarter page can, “Organize and track your gear.” And, “Make sure you always have what you need, when you need it!!” (Is there any truth to such claims? Find out below!)

What is GearEye? | GearEye Review

Alright, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about GearEye!

What is GearEye? And, what makes it a suitable solution for someone that is constantly losing gear? How does it even work? What allows it to keep track of all your equipment?

To answer these questions very succinctly: GearEye is a complete gear management solution that relies on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology in order to allow you to monitor your gear! Simple enough, yes? But let’s look at things in more detail:

For On-the-Go Professionals That Work with Valuable Equipment

Let’s look at GearEye from the perspective of a professional photographer!

You’ve long re-packed after this week’s beach shoot. The photo shoot is all done, and now it’s time to go home. Are you missing any of your essential gear? Did you lose something in today’s studio session? Maybe you’ll be able to tell, maybe you won’t.

Either way, with GearEye, not only will you be able to find out what the missing item is, but you can also use its tracking system to find the exact location of said missing item!

This makes it a game changer for an experienced photographer who is constantly on the go! You don’t have to keep worrying over keeping track of what you have or replacing equipment, allowing you to rest easy and focus on your professional career.

GearEye Starter Kit!

The GearEye standard pack is their “Starter Kit!” This kit includes:

  • GearEye Dongle (the dongle serves as their portable RFID scanner)
  • (15) Regular RFID sticker tags in various sizes
  • (5) Metal RFID tags for metal items in various sizes

GearEye Pro Kit!

Their secondary kit, which they call their “Pro Kit!” includes:

  • GearEye Dongle
  • (30) Regular RFID sticker tags in various sizes
  • (10) Metal RFID tags for metal items in various sizes

GearEye Is an RFID-Based Management System

Why Is RFID Important? | GearEye Is an RFID-Based Management System!

According to GearEye, choosing to use RFID tags as their main tracking devices became a matter of course after considering other alternatives.

With RFID technology, they were able to offer their customers a cost-effective solution for tracking equipment in large quantities (whether you’re working with the largest camera suitcase in your arsenal or the smallest messenger bag known to mankind.)

This low-cost per item model—and the fact that the GearEye System has a lower retail price than most other trackers that are presently commercially available—makes it an incredibly attractive option for career professionals of all kinds.

How Does GearEye Work?

Now to answer the question on how GearEye tracks missing items!

For this, we’ll be talking a bit about the manufacturing process as well (which you can also learn more about by reading this interview where Julia Lerner, CEO of GearEye shares behind-the-scenes info — including how they solved several tech problems over the years.)

How Does GearEye Work

Why RFID Tags?

According to Gear Eye Inc., they did seriously consider using BLE tags in the beginning.

However, they decided that those tags were overly bulky and thus, not the best choice for attaching to small items. BLE tags are also more expensive and contain batteries, which significantly shortens their usefulness.

Affordable RFID GearTags!

The biggest comparison here, perhaps, is that they are incredibly cheap, allowing you to track an impressive number of important equipment without having to break the bank.

GearTags Are Battery FREE!

The relative size of their regular tags also makes them more versatile to use for all sorts of work equipment. They’re not bulky, like BLE with their batteries (because they are passive RFID UHF that works without charge) and, thus, are easily attached even to smaller objects (they are very few materials that GearTags won’t work with!)

GearTags Come with the Highest Quality Adhesive!

In addition to the lack of bulk, GearTags are also compatible with most materials! They offer special metal tags for metal items, but their regular tags work with just about any other material.

How to Use GearTags?

Using GearEye’s RFID tags is very easy. All you need to do is peel the sticker from its protective tape and then stick it to the item! Once stuck, the powerful adhesive should create a strong bond! All you have to do thereafter is scan it with the GearEye dongle!

How Does the GearEye Dongle Work?

Alright, so now that we’ve talked about the GearTags, how about the GearEye dongle itself? Well, it’s actually relatively simple as well:

Pair Geareye Dongle with App & Scan!

The dongle serves as a focal point. It’s portable and uses RFID and GPS technology to not only identify all of your equipment instantly but also pinpoints their last known location. It can identify a tagged item at a range of around 1-3 meters (that’s 5-11 feet for fellow Americans!) It depends on the tag that you used!

How Does the GearEye App Work?

The GearEye Gear Management System centers around the GearEye App.

The GearEye app is available on both iOS and Android devices, and it will make use of the phone’s smart sensors to enhance GearEye’s scanning accuracy! This is just the beginning though, GearEye is not just a safety net!

GearEye Customized Lists!

With GearEye, you can group your items into gig-specific groups (which you can scan altogether to make equipment management more efficient!)

In this way, when you’re working on a specific gig, you can rely on the tracking system to keep your gear safe without being overwhelmed by information on other equipment meant for different gigs!

Currently, you can have a total of 10 customized lists (with 50 unique items each.)

Discover Items with a Single Tap!

The best thing about the GearEye app is that it offers a truly simple solution. All it takes is a simple tap and the GearEye app will immediately mark all the missing items in your list (it will mark it with an ‘X’!)

Notification! An Item Is Missing!

If given permission to run in the background, you can also receive notifications from GearEye telling you when you’ve left some equipment behind.

GearEye app

Final Comments: Is it Truly The Ultimate Smart Gear Management System?

Alright, so now that we’ve covered the ‘big ideas’ we can finally get down to the nitty-gritty. Is it something that we can recommend?

Short answer, yes! If you’re the type to lose track of your equipment easily, then this is definitely a product that can save you a lot of money in the long run. Undoubtedly, out of all the crowdfunding campaigns to come out in the last decade, it was one of our favorites! And, we can’t be any happier to get to try it for ourselves.





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