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Greek Lightning will infuse an electric flavor to any party or event

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Has 2020 been a difficult year for you like most of the population? Is an indulgent vacation out of the question due to finances or the travel restrictions set in place by the pandemic? The bold blue bottle with the lightning bolt on it has come to the rescue. Greek lightning is a sweet nectar of the gods, with ingredients that hail directly from Greece. With nodes of cinnamon, grape, honey, and others herbs and spices, this drink goes down smooth and will immediately make you feel elated and joyful. The ingredients that are used in Greek Lightning are also used in a common traditional Greek drink, Rakomelo. Rakomelo is used at nearly every Greek household and serves as a digestive aid, and as a therapeutic drink for the common cold. Greek Lightning is the drink of choice for those who seek to let loose, relax, and enjoy a fun and carefree existence, just as the Greeks do. This drink is for everyone, it is not overly sophisticated in nature, and can be enjoyed by anyone. You can pair it with a nice steak at a top restaurant, or share a couple of shots with your friends after work.

Greek Lightning is becoming the drink of choice for the party crowd at all the the clubs, bars, and restaurants. The shot culture is being transformed by Greek Lightning, which goes down smoothly and will leave you wanting more. It goes down like honey and will have you feeling the sweet aftertaste of grape and cinnamon. You will be wanting another round after you experience your first shot, as it will enhance your mood and make any occasion that much more special. You will instantly be transformed to feeling like a greek god or goddess, as this majestic elixir will change your mood instantly, and have you feeling carefree and happy, no matter what obstacles life has thrown your way. Greek Lightning is being seen more and more throughout major metropolitan cities like Miami, and is making its way to major cities like Los Angeles, and other cities across the west-coast. This majestic potion of the gods is sure to impress as a gift for your next family or friendly gathering, as the bold blue bottle is sure to shake up any occasion, and infuse happiness and elation wherever it goes.

Although Greek Lightning is becoming more and more popular in shot form, and revolutionizing this longstanding tradition, it can be enjoyed in any form. You can mix it with your favorite cocktail, drink it straight up, or sip on it during your favorite meal. No matter what form you enjoy it in, or the occasion, Greek Lightning is sure to add some tasteful electricity to any event.

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