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Coming Soon To A City Near You: Halen Becomes The First Franchise Based Super-App for the United States

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
Travon Marner is a seasoned journalist with nearly 12 years under his belt. While studying journalism at Boston, Travon found a passion for finding local stories. As a contributor to Business News Ledger, Travon mostly covers human interest pieces.

In life, in business, and in technology development, there’s a common practice: “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” As we know, the wheel is one of the most important inventions since the dawn of time. Amplifying that fact, two wheels made life easier than one, three built an improvement, and four is a game changer.

Standing defiant on the logic that “more is better” when it comes to what fits on the precious six inches of our smart phone’s home-screen space, less becomes more. Why do we need an app to hail a Ride-share, another app to order dinner, another app get your groceries dropped off, another to . . . well, you get the idea? What comes with all of these apps before you may begin these services? Multiple registration screens, bank and credit card information requests, credential verification, and time to get acquainted with how one particular app operates as opposed to the other four. Each app has its own ecosystems, its own personalities, and its own frustrations.

Let’s change how we seek comfort and convenience. Enter the Halen Super-App. Halen’s one-stop-shop “Super-App” offers six different services in one. Halen’s services include Ride-share, Grocery Delivery, Restaurant Delivery, Retail Delivery, Vacation Rentals, and Flight Booking. By combining these services, the Halen Super-App represents a very large $1.5 trillion addressable market.

During the pandemic, many restaurants and businesses were forced to reduce their food production and retail delivery services due to less consumer traffic. Social distancing became common practice, and millions of app users who had never before used mobile delivery services were quickly introduced to the practice. As a result, a near unanimous conclusion was realized: “Hey, I like this!”

The mobile delivery service market had been thriving for years with vendors such as Uber, Lyft, and GrubHub. Their success hasn’t come without challenges. Based on the nature of the architecture of their app, each of these companies only provide one or two services. Links to other services may be obtained from the initial app, but users then face connectivity and authentication issues of separate sign-in’s, separate submission of financial information, and for drivers, unique background checks and security evaluation for each app. Each of these services have separate standards and practices for users and drivers, and their requirements vary. One customer or driver may be accepted on one app and rejected on several others due to various individual guidelines of each company.


Halen’s Super-App disrupts this system by making the app ecosystem a one-stop-shop approach. From the beginning, Halen has been designed to offer six separate services available to users upon one login and authentication. As a client, users will only have to sign up and connect a preferred payment method once. This applies to any ride-share, retail or food delivery, or hospitality and travel services. Not only does this create an ease of use for users, but it also greatly decreases the chances of identity theft via reducing the number of companies obtaining the personal information of users.

For power users, or for those who find their time demands to be too much, a “Concierge Service” membership plan will also be offered. With this membership, users may receive discounts for using multiple services at once, as well as having a dedicated car, driver and delivery services associate be immediately available for all of one’s daily needs.

For drivers and delivery service associates who sign up with Halen, one registration for all of these services will provide them with the freedom and versatility to offer any combination of services. If a driver chooses not to take ride-share clients for a day, but wants instead to deliver parcels, they could select one option and enjoy a quieter day. If a driver wants to have a very active day, using the Halen driver’s app, they could make themselves available for all services, and not have to switch between apps for different services.

What further sets Halen ahead of other mobile delivery services is the franchise business model. Halen prides itself on being a “community-driven” company. We truly believe that the best way to serve a community is to be a part of that community. Thus, Halen is making franchise ownership and licensing available to dedicated and qualified members of the markets where it’s made available. By partnering with local businesses community organizations, Halen will have localized representation able to address and target the specific needs of local demographics. As an established franchise, Halen will provide job opportunities, public outreach programs, and personalized customer service to care for various members of that community.

As a new company taking a fresh approach to customer service, comfort and convenience, Halen has the tools and versatility to optimize many issues the mobile service industry faces today. After all, six wheels are better than four, especially when you only have to click once to use all of them.

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