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How Does Car Detailing Help Preserve Your Car’s Condition?

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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If you’re older, and you’ve owned a car or two for a considerable length of time, you have probably experienced the feeling of your fresh-off-the-lot car feeling worn in and a bit “used” within a few months of owning it; even if you take considerably good care of the vehicle.

That’s because, even with regular at-home cleaning and maintenance, there are just some things that you’re not equipped to properly take care of, and over time, they add up until your car just doesn’t have its original luster.

Car detailing helps prevent that from happening, though. Today, we’re going to go over exactly how it helps and a couple of ways to preserve the results.

Dirt Build-Up and Stains Removed

Most notably, the interior of your car is damaged slightly every time you touch it. Let’s say you have leather seats and a standard fabric flooring cover. Your shoes touch that flooring cover, and even if they’re clean, small amounts of dirt, grime, and moisture get on the fabric.

Over time, that little amount of dirt builds up, and it creates this compressed and flat look. The fabric just isn’t as springy, and it doesn’t “pop” as it used to. This is similar to what you see with at-home carpets that aren’t regularly shampooed. Over time, they lose their volume and look flat or compressed.

With the leather seats, you might not think you’re doing anything to stain them, but the truth is, even just the oil from your hands will build up and discolor the leather over time. This is especially noticeable with lighter-colored seats. This is assuming you don’t actually have liquids or other items touching your seats from transporting kids or accidentally spilling things. If you doubt it, just look at any old leather wallet someone has carried for years. It likely has a lot of discoloring from being handled even by the cleanest hands.

A detailing service will remove those oils and dirt from the interior materials to restore their normal appearance. They’ll also do general clean-up that would take you hours to do on your own.

Exterior Problems Resolved

Obviously, the detailing team will remove dirt, debris, and other things from the outside of your car just like any car washer, but they’ll do it with more attention to detail and truly make the car sparkle.

On top of that, they can help touch-up spots where your paint has chipped, buff out scratches, and polish exposed metal parts.

This does more than just make the car look nice, though. This also means that the paint will be properly sealed in all areas and prevent rust from forming.

Extending Your Detailing Results

Once you get your car detailed, you can also opt for a couple of services that will keep the car looking brand-new, again.

Namely, this includes a ceramic coating or protective film applications. These coatings go over your car’s paint job to protect it from chips, scratches, and water damage.

If you want a bit of protection and a new appearance, a car wrap is a great idea.

You can find all of these services at Champs Detailing in Edmonton.

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