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How Guy Leon Sheetrit sees the changing future of digital marketing

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Kieran Mcleod
Kieran Mcleod
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Based in the firm Guac Digital (Tampa, Florida), Guy Leon Sheetrit is a passionate digital marketer who believes in the future of the industry.
He has been focused on making predictions for the future of digital marketing, some of which are already showing signs of happening such as personalization becoming the next big thing.

Guy is with us today to answer some questions about digital marketing, his business and what he believes is the future for the industry.

Hello Guy, what got you into digital marketing and ultimately started your business, Guac Digital?

Following my conscription into the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), I studied Marketing and Communications at Geva College, based in Tel Aviv in 2014.

I became very passionate about digital marketing and would constantly research and study it in my spare time. I learned that it is an incredibly diverse and broad field which encapsulates aspects of web design, copywriting, graphic design and digital advertising. I realised that this is how someone becomes successful in marketing, being good at all aspects but specialized in a few, also known as the ‘T-marketer’. It is this diverse range that can make the step into marketing difficult for consumers, and can often lead to them misspending their budget. This was the main objective for Guac, to let consumers feel like they are in good hands.

How has big data been helpful to you and your team?

We believe that the aim of the game is to connect our client to their main audience, and big data is especially helpful at this. We are always monitoring information in order to communicate the correct information to the consumer for our clients. The right platform is everything, otherwise your keywords are going to go nowhere.

Which social media platforms are the best when it comes to digital marketing?

We believe that the main ones are LinkedIn, Instagram, Google and Facebook.

Our clients are constantly questioning which ones are best for them, and in order to do so you need to know your goals and your target audience, then and only then can you pick the correct platform. Tik Tok can be great for certain clients such as influencers, and less so for others in other industries less relevant such as our construction clients.

Has digital marketing gained priority since the COVID-19 pandemic? Has any of your services adapted and changed due to these circumstances?

It definitely has. Since the pandemic, digital marketing has become one of the only ways to generate leads for our clients. More and more people are staying home and spending time online, which means have ramped up our advertising to meet this. We are also asking our clients to try new avenues they have not before, such as Pinterest which is seeing record breaking numbers. The customer is now on Pinterest, which is where the clients should be looking.

People looking for our services has increased significantly due to the pandemic, and we have been offering discounts for new clients. Clients are often wary of spending money during these times, this is especially so if they have never taken the step into digital marketing before. We try our best to make them feel like they are making the right choice coming to us for help.

What trends do you see dominating the digital marketing industry in the next coming years?

I would definitely have to say personalization.

Every client is their own PR agent on social media platforms, and to have good PR, you have to respond to clients in a positive way. Consumers can look something up on a search engine and see an ad for that very thing on their social media platforms. Consumers expect to see what they demand in front of them, like that. We are expecting the future of advertising and marketing to get much more personal for the consumer. With this, we expect consumer privacy and their awareness of it to also increase accordingly.

To add to this, brand transparency.

People want more information about their purchases such as where it is coming from and where their money is going to. This is true for the entire market, and socially conscious marketing should adapt in accordance to this increased demand. I believe we will see more brands trying to up their PR through good causes to meet this demand for brand transparency.

Do you have any tips for someone looking to get into digital marketing?

Just jump right into it.

With the Internet, there are so many resources available to us that are just a click away. Start to learn and study everything you can get your hands on, you should become adept at a variety of different marketing channels such as email, social media, video and content. Innovation is always a part of marketing, and you should never stop learning and keeping up with the times.

Thank you Guy Leon for your time!
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