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How HOLT Creates Decadent Vacation Homes for Travelers

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The accommodation that you choose for your vacation can truly make or break a trip. Having somewhere to relax and treat yourself after a long day will help you feel completely recharged when the time finally comes to go back to normal life. HOLT is a company founded by Benjamin Earley and Ioana Holt that develops otherworldly luxury accommodation for guests to live their best lives. With backgrounds in hospitality and consumer goods plus a shared passion for making customers feel treasured, this entrepreneurial pair show no signs of slowing down when it comes to expanding their growing business one happy customer after the other. Currently, HOLT offers properties in Aspen, Colorado, Mexico, Oaxaca de Juárez, San Miguel de Allende and in Bucharest, Romania.

If you are searching for a larger accommodation, HOLT will have the perfect place for you. Larger property offerings are their hallmark. HOLT offers a wide range of villas, homes and apartments in some stunning holiday locations. The majority of their properties feature at least three bedrooms, with their largest property capable of hosting 20 guests. Even their contactless apartment building in Old Town Bucharest, full of one bedroom units, are designed to be convertible to two- and three-bedroom suites with a few button presses of their wifi smart locks. This makes their accommodations ideal for families or bigger groups looking for exciting getaways together.

Under the watchful eye of Mr. Earley and Mrs. Holt, the business specializes in obtaining long-term commercial-style leases on residential spaces, which they subsequently revamp into the picture of luxury. Their properties undergo full renovations to ensure that the spaces look modern and stylish, yet remain incredibly functional and comfortable. HOLT employs a team of in-house architects and designers to create stunning final products. They work alongside local designers and international suppliers to refurbish and furnish the properties so that guests will feel spoiled by their short-term home.

At their recent renovations in Bucharest, HOLT has worked with a custom furniture marker to completed redo the tired kitchen. Velvet curtains were sent from another part of the country. The walls are adorned with intricate wallpapers shipped from English. Covering the floors and walls of the bathrooms and kitchens is a playful terrazzo imported from Italy for which the team waited many long months for delivery during the pandemic supply chain slowdown.

In their villa in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mr. Earley and Mrs. Holt traveled with their team all over the state of Oaxaca to secure handmade pieces from local artisans. The classic ‘barro verde’ – or green clay – of the area, giving their property the name La Casa del Barro Verde, adorn the bookshelves and bedside tables. Rugs hand-dyed and stitched by families who have passed the craft down from generation to generation supplied floor coverings for the bedrooms. The wall murals were painted by a local artist, telling the stories of Oaxaca to those coming from far and wide to visit. The home itself is built on the foundation of local stone and marble that the area is famous for, keeping the home cool through warmer months (the air conditioning in each room – a rarity for rental in Oaxaca – also helps!).

Their properties are finished off with the most guest-friendly electronics to suit the modern traveler, including smart wifi-locks, and more from the US and Korea.

In 2022 they plan to expand even further, preparing to obtain properties in Spain, Dubai and other cities in Mexico and the US. No matter where you like to holiday, HOLT can provide an unforgettable experience for you and your group. HOLT lists their properties on their own website and through many popular rental websites as well. Their Guest Experience team is available by phone 24/7.

With HOLT you are sure to have a holiday that is the height of luxury.

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