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Law Enforcement Detective to Entrepreneur: How Paul Alex Created and is Keeping the Cash Flowing

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Rachel Knox
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The founder of, Paul Alex, runs the largest group dedicated to ATM businesses on Facebook, ‘ATM Business for Beginners’. The community he has amassed includes over 36,000 members and is continuously growing with more people becoming not only fascinated with his story, but feeling the itch to launch their own respective automated teller machine (ATM) business as well.

The ‘ATM Business for Beginners’ group gathers each Tuesday, at 5pm (PT)/8pm (ET), for live sessions with Paul Alex as he talks about his experiences, mindset, and offers knowledge and tips on how to create and maintain an ATM business. In fact, each session also features advice and tips in marketing, prospecting, sales, and even training.

The devoted network, rather community, that Paul Alex has built not only follows his lead, but also coordinates and network with each other. The group includes other ATM business owners, as well as prospective ones, who support and uplift each other. The common goal is to generate passive income and see each other succeed.

Paul Alex’s path to entrepreneurship is not a road frequently traveled, however. He is a former law enforcement officer, having risen the ranks from beat cop to award winning detective. Though he soon realized he was on a much different path to ‘serving the community’.

While working his normal 9-5 in protecting and serving, he found himself studying digital marketing and garnering sales and technical skills to eventually become a full time entrepreneur. The end result of working literally around-the-clock was founding, which immediately jumped out to seven figures in revenue in less than 10 months. In fact, the company made approximately $2 million in 2021, its first year of operating.

“I built this business on the weekends while juggling my duties as a law enforcement officer,” said Paul Alex. “I self-taught myself much of what I know and read all the right books. What you don’t know is what you don’t know and simplicity equals success.”

The company was created and staffed by Paul Alex, who also had to teach himself how to manage a company and his employees too. What he has accomplished is nothing short of extraordinary. Since its humble beginnings, the company has already helped create thousands of ATM ventures for satisfied customers and repeat clients as well.

Trust the Process

One might think it a daunting and tedious task to create and launch an ATM business, but that could not be further from the truth. Thanks to, the process is seamless. helps clients from inception to completion in establishing an ATM right in the city or town where they already live! All the while, Paul Alex and his team are there for them, readily available, with 24/7 support, so they are never left to figure it out on their own.

The name of the game for Paul Alex is customer service. The goal is and always will be the same, to help clients achieve passive, recurring and sustainable income with their ATM businesses.

His team of experts are there to literally hold the hands of clients, which includes providing education, training, installation, and maintenance of their ATM machines. In fact, out of good faith and pride of placement, should an ATM owner not be satisfied with their location, will relocate their machine, free of charge.

“We don’t want our clients to stress about starting their ATM businesses. We will build their business for them or with them,” said Paul Alex. “Making their money work for them while they do what they want to do is the ultimate ‘American Dream’ and we are happy to accommodate.”

About Paul Alex and

Paul Alex is a former law enforcement officer turned entrepreneur. He has experience in sales and digital marketing. He founded Automation Services to help clients establish their first ATM locations throughout the United States. The company has helped educate an excess of over 36,000 aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide regarding the ATM industry and currently has over 1,200 clients enrolled into their ATM Automation program. For more information, please visit

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