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How TeamFX Founder Dan Legg Stays Grounded Despite Soaring Success

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Kieran Mcleod
Kieran Mcleod
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At only 21 years of age, founder of TeamFX Dan Legg has had incredible success trading currency on the foreign exchange (Forex). After initially losing money when he started trading at 18, Dan put his head down and learnt as much as he could about Forex trading before giving it another go.

Dan Legg

Since then, he’s made a fortune putting his knowledge to use, and has enjoyed public recognition across articles in the Daily Mail, The Sun, MSN, and was even featured in an episode of Channel 5’s “Rich Kids Go Homeless”.

Funnily enough, Dan Legg actually had his first entrepreneurial success with the hit video game Minecraft. He would host and market his own server with an online store selling in-game items to other players.

While Dan Legg certainly does not shy away from the lifestyle his newfound wealth permits him, he manages to stay grounded and not allow money to change who he is. Dan Legg has always been a very generous person, and he’s shared his wealth with his loved ones rather than just hoard it to himself.

Dan Legg Ibiza holiday

Dan Legg loves to surprise his family and friends with gifts, whether that be flying his family around on private jets or paying for luxury holidays with his friends. Recently, Dan Legg celebrated his 21st birthday by taking his friends with him on a party holiday in Ibiza.

Dan Legg in Ibiza

Above all, Dan remembers that he came from a modest background, and he does not allow his growing wealth to cloud his judgement. Staying true to who he is and sharing his success helps ensure he does not alienate himself from his close friends and family.

Looking to the future, Dan is now investing his money into property via his business Dan Legg Properties. Humble as ever, Dan admits he is still learning about the property market but is hopeful is investments will pay off.

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