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How To Find A Criminal Lawyer In Sydney

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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When you are facing criminal charges in Sydney it is highly recommended that you find yourself a lawyer at your earliest convenience. These types of charges come with some very hefty consequences and without the proper representation you could be looking at getting the short straw. There are a plethora of legal representatives in the city which can make the process seem very intimidating and puts a lot of people off the search.

However the benefits that these professionals bring to the table are unparalleled which is why it is so important to get yourself the proper solicitor. To make the decision making process a lot easier for you, we have broken it down to help you find criminal lawyers in Sydney.


Understand the details of your case

When people think of criminal lawyers in Sydney they immediately associate them with a big price tag. While it may be legal to represent yourself in a court of law within Australia, if you don’t have the proper education and experience yourself it is highly recommended that you don’t do that. With these types of charges you could be looking at some major fines or even jail time.

Getting yourself a criminal lawyer from Sydney, sets your case up for success. Having a professional in your corner allows could result in the penalties being lowered or thrown out altogether. If some a couple of grand is standing between you and several years in jail, wouldn’t you prefer to be able to enjoy your life not behind bars?


Where to start

The best place to start when looking for a criminal lawyer in Sydney is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. Recommendations are like reviews that you can ask follow through questions with. As the person giving you the recommendation is a close family member or friend you can ask them questions that strangers wouldn’t be comfortable asking. This includes asking them what their personal situation and case involves and how their solicitor was able to accommodate.

It is important to note that recommendations should only be used as a starting point and not your entire research process. This leads us into our next step on our guide for finding a criminal lawyer in Sydney.


Your own study


Doing a simple Google search for local solicitors will result in thousands of results bombarding you. While the results can be overwhelming it is important that you sift through the results to help you find the representation that is right for you. Websites are now the digital first impression for people and businesses which makes them a good judgment of their professionalism. If a website is poorly made and laid out you can bet that they won’t be able to provide a service the same as someone who invests their resources into different avenues.

You should also be looking at the firms’ social media channels as this is an avenue where past and future clients are able to directly interact with the brand. With this opportunity you will find that people will give reviews and vent complaints here. How the firm itself replies to these comments is what you should be looking for as this is a good indication on how you will be spoken to.


Meet with them

lawyer-client shaking hands

Many law firms offer free initial consultations which you should take advantage of. While the solicitors will be asking you questions during this meeting you should also ask questions of your own. Their qualifications and experience is something that you should be asking as they are good things to make you feel more comfortable with your representation.


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