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How to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet

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Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is essential to have a well-balanced diet. If you aren’t used to including a good amount of these foods into your meals, it can be hard to get into the habit of eating as much as you should.

Fruits and vegetables provide our bodies with nutrients and vitamins that other food groups lack. To get their full benefits, we should be consuming fruits and vegetables of different colours.

Incorporating fresh produce can be hard, especially as it has a short shelf life and isn’t the most convenient or cheap option. However, it is important that you make an effort to eat healthily so that your body has the means to function well!

Replace your snacks

One easy way to add more fresh produce to your diet is to replace some of the snacks you would normally eat with fruits and vegetables. Instead of chips or biscuits, try to go for a healthier alternative, such as a banana or apple.

Celery sticks with hummus are a great alternative if you’re looking for a snack with more flavour that’s still nutritious! A good way to implement this change is to cut down on the snacks that you buy when grocery shopping so that your pantry has healthier options.

Keep them in sight

Everyone has cravings for unhealthy food, but you can beat the cravings by keeping those foods out of sight, and having visible healthy alternatives.

This will also remind you to include more fresh produce in your diet. Don’t leave your vegetables hidden away in your fridge or your fruit at the back of the pantry. Have a fruit basket that you can easily grab a snack from before you head out.

Plan your meals

It might sound a bit pedantic, but you don’t have to track your meals down to every detail. Just make sure that you’re getting a good daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

By planning what you’re going to eat throughout the day, you’ll be able to adjust your diet to accommodate for any particularly unhealthy meals.

Substitute foods in your diet

A good idea for including for fruits and vegetables in your diet is to try to swap out carbs in your meal. For example, try to eat a larger portion of vegetables at dinner and minimise your intake of rice or bread.

Cooking your favourite noodle dish with zucchini noodles is one idea, but there are many ways you can alter certain recipes you normally cook. Experiment around – you might end up making something new that you really like.

Add more to your meal

This tip is pretty simple – just try to include more in your meal. Eating fruits and vegetables of different colours is a great way to take in a wider range of nutrients, so next time you make a sandwich, add on a bit more.

Whether it’s making a side salad at dinner or adding more raisins to your muesli, there are many ways you can add nutrients to your diet!

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