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How to use paint to enhance your home’s resell value

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George Soto
George Soto
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When people decide that they want to sell their home they naturally want to get more money back then what they originally paid for it. In order to do this, most people spend money on renovating parts of the home to make them more appealing to buyers. A common strategy to enhance the resell value of a home is to repaint its interior walls. However, choosing the right paint colours can be difficult and choosing the wrong one could spell disaster for your reselling efforts.

Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh coat of pain when it comes to reselling your home, it just needs to be done in the right away. Let’s take a look at some example of how to use paint effectively in enhancing the resell value of your home.

Use blue in the bedroom

Bedrooms are the most personal rooms in the entire house and therefore choosing a colour here can be particularly difficult. Lighter shades of blue are always a safe choice in bedroom spaces as the colour isn’t obnoxiously bright or depressingly dark.

Don’t just stick with white in kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important types of rooms when it comes to reselling a property. Many home buyers will ignore other aspects of the home as long as they get their hands on their dream kitchen or a particularly sophisticated bathroom space.

Minimalist white kitchens and bathrooms are popular in home design magazines because of the neutral tone the colour expresses. However, you kitchen and bathrooms may be less impressive overall for going with this safe option.

Buying trends suggest that homes that use plain white in kitchens and bathrooms actually sell for less money than those that use a bolder colour. Don’t hesitate to make a statement with the two most important rooms.

Use calm colours in the living room

It’s important that your main living room or entertainment centre use calm and inviting colours that make it a pleasant space to be in. While it may be tempting to go with something more poignant, homes with bright coloured living rooms actually sell for less than those without.

Use muted purples in your dining room

Purple adds a sophisticated touch of royalty to any space you use it in and the dining room is definitely the most appropriate room in the house for it. Home buyers like to imagine themselves entertaining dinner parties in the dining room, even if they never actually do it, so it’s a good idea to play to their fantasy and create a regal dining space.

What about the exterior?

The exterior of your home is the first thing that home buyers are going to see, so you want to create a good impression. A popular paint choice is a mix of light blue and grey, also known as “greige”.

A good rule to follow is to make sure you have less than 3 colours used on the exterior of your home. Too many colour choices makes the home look like a clown’s residence and makes it seem smaller than it really is.

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