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Interview with Michael Evans, Philanthropist and CEO at USPA Nationwide Security

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
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Michael Evans is an American entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer (CEO) of USPA Nationwide Security, an international security conglomerate, since May 2005 stepping up from his previous position as Vice President. He started with USPA International (the parent company of all USPA brands) in 2005 and was instrumental in the expansion of USPA from a single, New York City, location to one of the largest security firms in the world today. He was recently featured in Forbes Magazine for his philanthropic work with victims of human trafficking. We had the chance to speak with Michael about his unique business.

Prior to starting USPA, you worked in law enforcement. Did you ever think that one day you’d be running a company like USPA?

Not exactly. I knew I had more in me though. I remember taking my job seriously, much to the dismay of some of my supervisors. I never understood that. I can remember on Memorial Day weekend, being brought in on overtime for enforcement. As I was walking out to start my patrol duties, my supervisor quietly whispered to me, “Let’s make tonight a non-event,” which could’ve been translated to, ‘Go find somewhere to sleep and don’t do anything.’ It was at times like those, and there were many like it, that I knew I would, at some point, need to do something else if I were to feel fulfilled by my work.

You were featured in Forbes Magazine in March, 2020. In the article, the writer mentioned your Kingsman Service, which are free security services to aid women and children with domestic violence, human trafficking and kidnapping. Why would you provide these services for free?

I guess the short answer is because I grew up with a monster for a father. His death last year marked seventy years of committing atrocities such as rape, assault, theft and even murder. Followed by manipulation of anyone and everyone he came into contact with. Kingsman was created to help children like me and my siblings and mothers like my mother and others my father abused. I was telling this story to someone last week and it really answers your question. I remember, as a young child, pretending that my playroom closet was an escape from my father. In my imagination, once I entered the closet, I was in a secret movie theater. I imagined the theater. Every single detail. It had red railings, a huge screen, arcade games and a snack bar. I also envisioned a superhero who would come to the rescue of my mother and of course my brothers and me. As an adult with the means to create both, I had my movie theater built in my New York home. It’s exactly the theater I imagined as a kid. I mean precisely and it is well-hidden from the rest of the house. At the same time, I created Kingsman; the superheroes that helpless children are waiting for while their mothers are being assaulted. Since starting Kingsman, I’ve added kidnap recovery and human trafficking assistance. That came about when I was working to guard Lisa Ling on an undercover show she did, ‘Our America’ and the episode was named ‘3AM Girls’ an expose on trafficking of young children in Washington D.C. streets.

I read in USA Today, that you and your VP gave one of your employees his own branch office in India. Can you tell me about that?

The idea came from my Vice President, Sondae Esposito. One of my longest standing employees, Jaspreet Luthra, was heading back to his home in India after working very hard for 11 years with USPA International. Jaspreet worked his way up from an entry level job to a management position. We were about to open our doors in India. We decided to give Jaspreet the whole business. We didn’t retain a single percent. The value of that branch exceeds $6 million. COVID has put a delay in fully launching the branch, but we stand ready to assist when the world opens up again.

How are you helping women and children with domestic violence?

It’s a two-fold job for us. First, we provide physical security to protect the women and children when they are ready to leave. Sometimes this happens in the middle of the night and other times it occurs over the course of a day with a moving company. Either way, we are there to physically protect our clients. We never charge a penny for this service. The second part of the job entails support. Sometimes its financial, sometimes its emotional, and its usually both. One thing I’ve seen as a common trait of an abuser; they don’t like strong men and women in their way. Many times, they attempt to befriend our bodyguards while their family escapes a terrible situation. I try to keep in touch with all of the families I’ve assisted over the years.

Do you take on all domestic violence cases for free?

No. Sometimes we pass on the job and here’s why. We analyze each case before we decide if we’ll take it. Not every separation or divorce involves abuse and when it doesn’t, we are not going to become the monsters ourselves. To answer your question, we won’t take the case, even for money, if we don’t believe in what we are doing.

Is there anything you would like to tell people who may need your Kingsman services, but are too skeptical to ask for your help?

I know there are some people who feel that nothing is free – that there must be a catch. There isn’t a catch. I do these things because I was you. Having grown up with a father who visited misery upon my family and other people’s families of a scope and scale that would embarrass even the most ambitious maniac, I understand the fear you are experiencing. Once you’re out of the nightmare, I will continue to support you in any way possible. That’s my promise.

Thank you, Michael for taking the time to speak with us today.

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