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Author J.K. Dickinson On Harnessing Intuition For A Stronger Life

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Maria Hunter
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Respected mentor and lauded author J.K. Dickinson is on a mission to inform and educate people about the intrinsic nature of our connectedness of mind and body – and the vital importance of intuition and listening to our own dispositions.

Through her seminal title The Invisible Anatomy: Discovering the Intuition of the Human Body, J.K. Dickinson takes her readers on a journey through the brain stem and into the inner workings of the human sensory system. Through this connectivity of mind and body, the world becomes a much different place in the estimation of J.K. Dickinson, who utilizes real-world stories and case studies of people from all walks of life who showcase examples of the mind-body connectivity and the variable impacts that a life event can cause.

JK Dickinson The Invisible Anatomy CoverThe Invisible Anatomy: Discovering The Intuition Of The Human Body, can be purchased here.

The Vagus Nerve

The proponent that connects J.K. Dickinson’s stories and case studies is the vagus nerve, also known as the 10th cranial nerve. The vagus nerve is a continuously researched and central component in the parasympathetic nervous system. The system itself plays a massive role in a number of crucial bodily functions from mood regulation, immune response, heart rate, and digestion.

Its interconnectivity with vital organs and the brain stands to reason why awareness of the vagus nerve and its role in intuitive living is being illuminated by J.K. Dickinson, and many other leading researchers. The regulation and training in listening to the bodies response to change and stress gives the book an identity as one that will optimistically be seen as a reference for people who feel there is an inherent underlying tether between the life we lead, and the intuition we often cannot hear.

J.K. Dickinson’s Journey To Here

J.K. Dickinson has had a long and vibrant road in her research and development that lead to this book. Working for the last 30 years in providing insights and brandishing the positive changes that come with intuition and truly listening to the body and how it responds.

From corporate mentoring to diagnostic consultancy, J.K. Dickinson keeps the idea of a spirit residing in the body at the forefront of all of her work – and there is perhaps no better example of this than with her book.

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