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John Kolm: A Visionary Team and Leadership Developer

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Think of a visionary leader with many feathers in their hat, and John Kolm comes to mind. The CEO of a new-generation enterprise, John is a celebrated best-selling author, a former cartoonist, an intelligence officer and the brains behind his 21st-century team productivity programs. He is an impressively talented man.

The Birth of a Revolutionary Company

In 1996, John Kolm founded Team Results alongside his now-retired business partner, ex-fighter pilot, Peter Ring. The company was a product of an experiment that took root in 1993. John and his partner were dissatisfied with the team development solutions then available to business owners and government, feeling that there must be something better.

With encouragement from their early clients, the duo utilized their academic training and practical leadership expertise to develop a new approach to team productivity improvement, which gave birth to Team Results. Basing its approach on real-world simulation and practical rehearsal, their company saw rapid growth from day one. Originally founded in Australia, and since expanded into the U.S., John and his crew now operate  in the United States, Australia and overseas.

A technology-savvy company, Team Results worked with UCLA on team neurodynamics in order to add real science and modern methods to team development. Their work highlighted why “team and leadership” training is often ineffective, and offered ways to do it better.

The Best-selling Book

John Kolm is also a best-selling writer. In a show of partnership, the Team Results founders authored what later became a global best-selling book: “Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail”. The book chronicled ten years of combined work with key clients, weaving an engaging tale about team productivity, leadership in business and government and finding happiness at work. This work has been published in seven languages and fourteen countries so far. Besides co-authoring this book, John also writes for books and magazines on team dynamics in the 21st-century corporate world.

The Team Leader Himself

John Kolm was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He is qualified in Psychology  from the University of Melbourne and in Mathematics from the U.S National Cryptologic School. He worked in the intelligence field from 1983 till 1993, where he ran missions and liaised with U. S agencies. He left an excellent government career in 1995 in order to found Team Results, and has been with the company ever since. John lives in Potomac MD with his wife and son, and says he and his crew are committed to improving teamwork and leadership in business and government as much as they can.

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