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Jonny Dodge Shares His Thoughts on the Luxury Travel & Experiences Industry

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Travon Marner
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People seeking exciting adventures without budget concerns will rely on luxury travel and experience companies, such as My Ocean, to provide them with what they want and need. These experiences go beyond the standard stay at a hotel or on a cruise ship, taking people to places they’ve never been while encouraging them to discover the unknown. As the owner of My Ocean, a company that launched during the height of the pandemic, Jonny Dodge shares his thoughts on the industry and what he believes will come of it in the next few years.

The Future of Travel is Changing

The future of travel is changing and will continue to do so. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the travel industry has faced numerous challenges while overcoming unexpected hurdles like never before. Even so, many businesses continue thriving, including My Ocean, which currently provides enhanced luxury experiences to travelers looking for new adventures and innovative opportunities to see the world. Jonny Dodge believes the best way to handle these changes is to adapt. “Many people thought that the superyacht industry would take a huge hit during the pandemic, but that didn’t happen. Instead, it was our most successful year because people wanted to head out on private excursions to escape everyday life for a bit,” shared Dodge.

Adapting to Travel Changes is a Must

Companies can expect to struggle without the willingness to adapt to changes within the luxury travel and experiences industry. If you’re not staying updated on the latest trends and news within the industry to provide the best experience possible, clients will go elsewhere for what they want and need. Learning to adapt quickly leaves entrepreneurs with more opportunities to grow and expand steadily.

Providing Enhanced Luxury Travel & Experiences Will Improve Client Retention

Because of My Ocean’s success, Jonny Dodge is confident that providing enhanced luxury travel and experiences will quickly improve client retention, ultimately leading to clients coming back for more whenever they’re ready for new adventures. “We often underestimate the level of change in the travel industry. For example, space travel was something we once thought of as science fiction but has since become a real possibility,” said Dodge. “With a growing number of people interested in more exciting opportunities than the average ride on a yacht or on a cruise, we need to come up with the most unconventional options for travelers. If we can think outside the box and provide something new and exciting, we can make clients happy and grow our business even more.”

As a successful entrepreneur operating in the luxury travel and experiences industry, Jonny Dodge has learned a lot along the way. He understands that the industry will see many changes over the next several decades, but he’s ready for any change that comes his way. Because he is a travel enthusiast himself, spends most of his time thinking about new experiences to bring to the table to leave clients satisfied. Don’t forget to follow Jonny Dodge on Instagram @JonnyDodge_ to get a better feel for what his company brings to the travel industry.

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