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Kevin Seawright’s Latest Baltimore Home Sale Exemplifies His Community-Based Vales

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Kevin Seawright, the founder and managing partner of RPS Solutions, LLC, recently completed the sale of a house to a music teacher for Baltimore City’s Gardenville Elementary School. This sale is an example of the company’s mission to not only provide affordable housing, but also to guide buyers through the process of investing in real estate. One of the goals of the latter is to help bring about financial independence.

The house in question is a renovated townhouse in an end-unit position. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and provides over 1,900 square feet of living space. The home boasts natural lighting, and even better, it has a private back deck with an awning. This is far better than what most people think of when they hear the term “affordable housing.”

Johnathan Pettus, the buyer, is just the latest beneficiary of RPS’ urban homeownership programs. He spoke highly of the house’s renovations, saying that they made the house feel like a brand new one. Pettus also praised it as being his “best investment yet.”

What Makes Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions Stand Out?

RPS Solutions isn’t just another real estate broker or home seller. Its focus is on guiding people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to buy a house of their own. It educates potential buyers in responsible investing, financial literacy, and other key factors so that they will do well with their new properties. The goal is to free people from being permanent renters so that they can own their homes and gain equity in those homes.

“From my first-hand involvement in the community, understanding the nuances of urban life, I quickly learned that there was a lack of available resources for individuals to start on their path to home ownership,” RPS’ Kevin Seawright has shared previously. “RPS Solutions was born to bridge that gap.”

Unlike many sellers who deal in the affordable housing market, RPS Solutions makes sure to provide high-quality options to its buyers. The homes are renovated, with all needed repairs done. This lets buyers move right in and live at a good standard from the start, instead of saddling them with time-consuming and expensive repair projects of their own. The company knows that as a business, it can get repairs done that many people in this market sector couldn’t otherwise afford.

Operating Principles

Kevin Seawright and his company operate according to four main principles.

  • Provide affordable and decent housing
  • Work toward diverse communities
  • Work to create livable communities
  • Include public servants

Many organizations try to provide affordable, decent housing, but they don’t address the other three concerns. This is part of what makes Seawright’s philosophy stand out.

His goal with diverse communities is to bring about true diversity, with people from different cultural backgrounds, economic levels, ages, and ability levels interacting with each other every day. He believes that the schools should reflect this diversity as well, so children are prepared for it before they grow up.

Community livability goes far beyond basics like low crime for Seawright. He works to create a variety of beneficial community traits, such as reduced pollution and other environmental stress, good access to public transport, good community infrastructure, and close proximity of homes and jobs.

Finally, Seawright works to include public servants in his plans and offerings, including teachers, firefighters, and police. This is to strengthen ties and familiarity between them and the communities they serve.

The home sale to music teacher Johnathon Pettus is just the latest step in this overall plan. Keep your eyes on Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions in Maryland to watch them continue to move forward.


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