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Leather Sofa vs Fabric

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Buying a new couch can be a big investment. Not only can it mean forking out a hefty fine, but it’s also something you’re likely to find yourself with for many years to come, hopefully enjoying it while you’re at it. It’s hence a big decision when it comes to what kind of couch to get for your home.

So, which one is truly better? Two types that classically come up in debate are the leather sofa vs fabric. Why is this? We’ve collected some of the pro’s and con’s about these top two recommendations, to help you on your way to making an informed decision about the right couch for your home.


  1. Leather sofa benefits
  • Quality aesthetic

One of the foremost benefits is that it truly brings beauty to your home. It’s a staple of Italian furniture, meaning some skilled craftsman have been at work intricately patching large panels of this material together – a resourceful process that goes back centuries, so it really is the refined art.

  • Durability

This makes for a timeless, high-end piece bringing a certain grace and charm to your home to enjoy for many, many years to come due to the quality of the materials and the make.

  • Sensory appeal

Not only does the leather sofa look stunning and classic, but it appeal to all the senses. The texture is renowned for being full of grooves and imperfections that feel tantalizing (you can tell the real deal apart from faux but it being anything but perfectly smooth). Scratches, hairs and fibres, growth marks and more coming together to form a unique texture.

Additionally, there is nothing like the classic scent of a genuine leather sofa. A rich and distinctive full-bodied aroma is easy and pleasant to breathe in.

  • Hypoallergenic

Great for those with allergies


  1. Leather sofa downfalls
  • Cost

Will set you back more than than the fabric couch. That is, both in initial purchase, and in maintenance. The appropriate cleaning products tend to cost more than fabric cleaning products.


  1. Fabric couch benefits

fabric sofa

  • Cost effective – a quality fabric couch is still a decent investment. However, it generally won’t set you back as much as the leather sofa.
  • Maintenance

The fabric couch isn’t prone to scratches and blemishes, unlike its leather sofa counterpart. They can be easily cleaned with a stain resistant finish, and a steam cleaner for smudges.

Fabric cleaning products are also more widely available and cheaper to purchase.

  • Comfort

Tend to be more comfortable. Why? For one, being cushioned, fabric is softer and warmer to the touch – unlike its counterpart which can be a little chilly when you take a seat in winter.

In the same token, in the sweltering hot summer months, you don’t have to worry about sticking to fabric, or about the material absorbing heat as fast. One could say fabric helps you cope better in both colder and warmer climates.


  1. Fabric couch downfalls
  • Unstandardized fabrics

Fabric, is available in a range of qualities (like most things). When it comes to the leather sofa, it’s fairly easy to tell apart faux vs the real deal – you can use things such as surface, panel patches and scent to tell the difference. And if you’ve got the real deal, you can almost guarantee it’s a high quality.

With fabric on the other hand… well, there are a lot more different types of fabric than you may have ever imagined. 900 in fact. With this comes a large spectrum of different qualities and durabilities for you to potentially have to sift through.

Fabric tends to easily catch dust mites, fur, and other allergens, which can be a problem for those with allergies. This means extra intensive cleaning to reduce harm.

If you live with people who have hayfever and other allergies, the alternative is more appropriate.

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