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Luxury Ahead for Mylène Besançon

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Esperanza Squire
Esperanza Squire
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Among the multitude, there are those who leave an indelible impression.

You may remember seeing Mylène Besançon on the national public broadcaster CBC Television back in 2016 when she presented their now-thriving company, from which both she and her life and business partner partially exited early 2024 to pursue other ventures and interests. Or when we featured the entrepreneur in 2022, ‘Mylène Besançon, A Successful Lady Who Stays Upbeat.’ We recently republished this interview to underscore our commitment to sharing engaging content with our readers, given that BUSINESS NEWS LEDGER offers authoritative insights and opinions on local and international businesses, finance, real estate, and technology, and also features entrepreneurs and celebrities. Please note that the original interview was conducted in English and was subsequently translated into Spanish by an independent newspaper not associated with us.

You can read the translated interview by entering ‘Mylène Besançon, una mujer exitosa que se mantiene positiva – POCKET GUIA’ into your search engine.

Since then, Mylène has grown and her life has become more successful than ever. From a young woman to an accomplished adult, her journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

We like to keep up with our previous interviewees, and this time, the French Riviera-born entrepreneur shared her favorite destinations and her perspective on luxury. You can read more by clicking on ‘Gracefully Growing: Mylène Besançon Opens Up About Aging and Aspirations’, which wraps up with her following answer “Luxury, for me at this moment, is savoring sweet moments by a pristine beach, with the soothing sound of the waves as the perfect backdrop.” and subsequent note by Incredible Planet “More than a pretty face and words of wisdom, a bright future filled with a busy schedule and lots of quality family time awaits Mylène. Her website is Business, wealth, wellness, travel, happiness, and much more define what we can call ‘Mylène’s world’.” The header photo is sourced from her Instagram account at and her Facebook page at! For more news, you can search for ‘Interview de Mylène Besançon, PDG – LE MONDE DU LUXE’ on Google or Bing to gain more insights about the lady with a good head on her shoulders!

Among our past interviewees, who would you like to see featured in our upcoming story? Any personal favorites in 2024? Share your thoughts!

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