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MadeMan Skincare Line is Creating a Cultural Revolution for Men

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Martin Haglin
Martin Haglin
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There is a plethora of skincare brands on the market, however, most of them are aimed at women, leaving out the other half of the population. Also, the vast and complicated regimens are too burdensome, and often carry a negative stigma if used by a man. Notwithstanding these alarming issues, there is one company on the market that seeks to close this disturbing disparity. Crytptocurrency giant and serial entrepreneur Jeremy Gardner has embarked on a journey to find a solution to this glaring gap in skincare. His company, MadeMan, was created to simplify the art of skincare for men, making it more accessible and affordable than the scarce amount of skincare brands that target men. Gardner has created an easy two-step process that can easily be used by entrepreneurs like himself who live a fast and busy life, as well as the “manly-man” who has too much pride to use skincare products. Gardner doesn’t want to simply capitalize on a large market gap, but also shed light on the topic of men’s skincare, or lack thereof.

MadeMan was a product of the struggles Gardner faced with his own skincare, as he was often too busy in his fast-paced lifestyle to adhere to complicated multi-step regimens. MadeMan was created to alleviate these issues, not only for Gardner, but for the entire male population. His skincare line is not overly complicated, and has a simplistic element that should appeal to most men. His skincare line has all the essential and best-in-class ingredients, all in one easy to use two-sets product. The Re(Set) Collection is a potent all-in-one moisturizer comprised of The Resetter and The Refresher. The Resetter is a face wash that also acts as a shaving cream. His skincare line offers a premium and simple solution to the majority of men who neglect their skin. The product offers functionality and simplicity that is unrivaled, and is sure to capture the attention of men very quickly.

Gardner developed his skincare line in order to help men be the best version of themselves, and help make their first impression a lasting one. He wants to help men around the world leave their footprint wherever they go with having great skin, and an unforgettable face. Gardner seeks to change the culture of skincare being a feminine product, and wants to redefine the meaning of what it means to be a man in contemporary society. MadeMan is seeking to reshape the concept of masculinity, and with MadeMan’s simple and affordable skincare line, a cultural revolution is well on its way.

MadeMan donates a share of the proceeds to Defy Ventures, a non-profit corporation that teaches entrepreneurial skills to incarcerated individuals. MadeMan has values that are reflected in its products, which are vegan, cruelty-free, “Made in America”, and B-Corp certified.

To learn more, please visit or their Instagram page- @MadeMan. To stay up to date with latest products, you can follow them on Twitter- @MadeMan.


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