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Making Life Magical: Aileen Avikova and Enchanted Fairies Portraiture

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Aileen Avikova, founder and COO of Enchanted Fairies Fine Art Portraiture, is one of those unique, indomitable spirits you can’t believe is real. Her drive and determination are matched only by her charitable disposition and ability to beat adversity to create something beautiful. Along with her husband and her brother, she set up a bustling business that goes above and beyond to make the world a better place for children everywhere.

Success in More than One Sense

The real success story in Avikova’s trajectory isn’t just that she came to the US with $14 to her family’s name. Or that she now owns and operates an eight-figure business. What’s most inspiring is that despite all the trials and tribulations, Avikova maintained her determination and wish to give back to help others.

And these days, that’s turned into quite a bit more than just a wish. In her words, “We have donated over one million dollars to children’s charities that help fight hunger in children. They also help children in abusive situations find refuge. Additionally, we donate to organizations that take children with life-altering and terminal illnesses to Disney World with their families and a medical team.” It’s safe to say the work that Avikova, her brother, and everyone at Enchanted Fairies have been doing is genuinely uplifting.

From Hardship to Humanity

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Avikova emigrated to the US twice, once at age six and again at age eight—and what took place in the interim is heartbreaking. Her father, a filmmaker, had just signed a deal to put the film he’d been writing for years on the big screen. His passion project depicted the Cristero War, the most devastating one in Mexican history. He sold everything they owned and moved to the US to pursue his dream with his family.

But not long after that, contractual disputes led to a halt in production; then, it came to light that the deal he’d signed stripped him of any rights to the work. Disheartened, the family returned to Mexico. They assumed they’d be returning to the US shortly when things picked up again. But sadly, this was not to be. Her father was devastated and quickly spiraled into a haze of depression and substance abuse. Avikova’s mother had to make the painful decision to take her children and leave for a better future.

Overcoming the Odds

When Avikova returned to the US, every conceivable odd was stacked against her and her family. They were left to fend for themselves with nothing but the clothes on their backs, $12, and some photographs. They had to carve out whatever sliver of stability they could manage and worked countless arduous jobs for too little pay.

But despite the odds, through an incredible combination of hard work, humility, and resourcefulness—qualities instilled by Avikova’s mother, her personal hero—the family managed to make their way. When asked how things are going now, Avikova’s immediate response was, “We are incredibly blessed!”

Aileen Avikova, founder and COO of Enchanted Fairies

A Small Box of Photographs

Through all adversity, Avikova still has one treasured possession – the small box of photographs. And perhaps that’s part of what inspired Enchanted Fairies. Billed as a ‘Magical Fine Art Portraiture’ studio, Enchanted Fairies is a luxe immersive magical studio where dreams come true and fantasy becomes reality.

They offer a grand adventure, where kids dress up as anything they can imagine and have their photographs taken in fanciful settings. And beyond just being an adventure, it’s a place where kids get to feel unique, beautiful, and confident.

Their mission is “to make sure each child can fall asleep to a beautiful handcrafted story featuring themselves as the hero of their own story, and wake up to a portrait that shows how beautiful they are inside and out before starting their day. After all, confidence is the key to success.” It’s incredible to think that, beyond the astounding generosity of their charity work, Enchanted Fairies is helping to improve the lives of children directly through the services they offer.

About Aileen Avikova

Aileen Avikova is a mother, wife, and Co-founder of Enchanted Fairies, a luxury fine art portrait studio that provides a magical, immersive experience for children of all ages. They have donated over $1 million dollars to children’s charities nationwide. To learn more about the Enchanted Fairies experience, visit https://enchanted-fairies.com/

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