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Meet Stacey Freeman, a Blogger Inspiring the World with her Lifestyle Content

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Esperanza Squire
Esperanza Squire
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In an era where the digital media space is home to a countless number of bloggers and influencers, many individuals, including Stacey Freeman, have made it a full-time profession. Stacey Freeman is a self-reliant former Ford model, educational researcher, and the face behind the lifestyle blog Posh in Progress. She began lifestyle blogging in 2013 and has been achieving success ever since with her passion, hard work, and determination.

Over the course of her career, Stacey Freeman has worked with several prestigious brands, including all major travel brands, as well as been featured in Shape Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, on local television in Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, as well as on Disney Family Sundays on Disney+. Her blogging is primarily geared toward women between the ages of 18 and 44 who can easily relate to her lifestyle content.

Additionally, Stacey Freeman has extensive experience curating university outreach and education programs, as well as modeling and advertising for lifestyle brands. While the craziness of motherhood was taking over her life, she transformed her blog as a way to celebrate her individuality. She shares her practical experiences as a busy working mom through her lifestyle content, and soon her blog caught the attention of many as a practical and chic approach to living a more stylish lifestyle.

In the beginning, Stacey Freeman’s blog was intended to share things she was passionate about, so she primarily shared recipes, fashion, and parenting tips. In the same manner, with which she approached her education career, she always regarded the blog as a potential business. With tireless effort, she grew her blog following and social media channels over time until she was able to monetize through paid partnerships with brands.

Despite the abundance of bloggers, Freeman stands out with her ability to relate her educational background and professional experiences to her posts. In addition to sharing tons of information for busy working mothers, she is revered by her followers for being a real and relatable blogger.

Besides gaining success as a lifestyle blogger, Stacey Freeman is a Ph.D. and executive director of a research institute at UCLA. Stacey Freeman is also known for being a published author since she possesses wide-ranging knowledge about numerous subjects due to her multi-skilled and versatile personality.

Stacey Freeman personally believes that her lifestyle blogging has helped her gain some amazing experiences while having the opportunity to meet various esteemed individuals. Besides being popular in the US, Stacey Freeman’s content is also loved worldwide, including in the United Kingdom, Mexico, and South America.  As well as growing her social media accounts, especially on Instagram and TikTok, she has been creating unique content for her blog over the past nine years. As a blogger, she strives to make a difference. She strives to become a source of inspiration for women and mothers all over the world.

“One of the important things to me in creating content is to ensure that I am making a difference and helping people. I want my content to be useful and also help people to think and consider new things or ideas,” says Stacey Freeman.

Furthermore, she is exploring new opportunities for expanding her entrepreneurship efforts in the product development space while poised to continue making a positive impact on the world through kindness research. Having over 650,000 followers on her social media platforms, her dedication and tireless efforts have turned her into one of the most influential personalities and, she wishes to stay on the top while providing unique and relatable lifestyle content to all women across the world.


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