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The Leading Professional Red Light Therapy Devices Engineered for Tight Spaces: Meet The Apollo Line by Body Balance System

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When it comes to professional red light therapy care, the Apollo Line by Body Balance System stands out as an essential innovation for hair salons and small spas where space is at a premium. This line, encompassing the ApolloGLOW and ApolloARC, is specifically designed to adapt to compact environments without compromising on the quality and efficacy of treatments.

Tailored to meet the needs of businesses that cannot accommodate larger equipment, the Apollo Line ensures that even the most space-constrained salons and spas can offer advanced red light therapy services. This adaptability transforms how wellness services are delivered, enabling businesses to maximize their offerings within limited spaces, thereby enhancing their appeal and increasing their potential for revenue generation.

We sat down with Body Balance System CEO and Founder Micheal Londo, inventor of the Apollo system and massively-popular OvationULT™ red light therapy bed, to learn more about what sets his products apart for professional use.



“The ApolloGLOW is designed to bring high-end skin treatments into smaller spaces,” Londo explained.

It distinguishes itself in the market of red light therapy devices, particularly suited for hair salons and small spas. Unlike other products, ApolloGLOW boasts the market’s most potent diodes, achieving an irradiance of 191 mw/cm2, which is significantly higher than the average competitor’s irradiance of around 23 mw/cm2. This high level of irradiance ensures that clients receive a more effective facial treatment, making it an exceptional choice for enhancing skincare routines.

Its design is another factor that sets it apart: ApolloGLOW is crafted for ease of use and mobility, essential for smaller spaces. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for businesses that do not have additional rooms for large equipment. The treatment duration of 12 minutes and features like a simple 30-second wipe-down for cleaning add to its practicality in busy salon and spa environments.

ApolloGLOW’s combination of high-power diodes, compact and user-friendly design, and suitability for small business environments make it a unique offering in the red light therapy market.



Similarly, the ApolloARC introduces a flexible approach to body wellness.

“With ApolloARC, we aimed to create a versatile system that could cater to both facial and body treatments, suitable for any salon or spa layout,” Londo said.

As part of Body Balance System’s innovative product line, it represents a significant advancement in red light therapy, particularly for businesses like hair salons and small spas. What sets ApolloARC apart from similar items on the market is its unique combination of power, design, and versatility.

At the heart of ApolloARC’s superiority is its impressive diode strength. Just like ApolloGlow, the device boasts the market’s most potent diodes, with an irradiance of 191 mw/cm2. Such a high irradiance level ensures that ApolloARC delivers incredibly effective red light therapy, enhancing treatments for rejuvenation and wellness.

Another distinguishing feature of the ApolloARC is its innovative arc design. This design allows for precise targeting of treatment areas, ensuring optimal coverage and effectiveness. The system is particularly adept at focusing the power of red light therapy where it’s needed the most, addressing specific concerns with precision. This feature is a boon for businesses that offer personalized wellness services, as it enhances the client’s journey to revitalized health.

The ApolloARC is not only powerful but also versatile and user-friendly. It’s designed for easy mobility and fits through standard doorways, making it a suitable addition for spaces where larger equipment cannot be accommodated. With a total of 340 diodes, a simple 30-second wipe down for cleaning, and biocompatible materials, it’s crafted for efficiency and ease of use.

These features, coupled with the health benefits it offers, such as pain management, muscle strength enhancement, skin rejuvenation, wound healing, and inflammation reduction, make the ApolloARC an attractive option for businesses looking to expand their service offerings. The device is also beneficial for increasing the average sale per customer and adding value for existing customers, thereby contributing positively to business growth.

The ApolloARC stands out in the market due to its unmatched diode strength, unique arc design for precise treatment, and suitability for various business environments, especially those with limited space.

Not Sure Which Product is Right for Your Business?

Choosing the right red light therapy product for your business can be a challenging decision. Factors like your client base, available space, and specific treatment needs all play a crucial role in determining the most suitable product. Never fear, because we asked Londo himself how to decide.

For Compact Spaces and Versatile Needs: ApolloGLOW

“The ApolloGLOW is ideal for businesses with limited space, such as small spas or hair salons. Its compact design makes it easy to incorporate into various settings without requiring a dedicated room,” said Londo.

ApolloGLOW’s high-powered diodes are particularly effective for facial treatments, promoting collagen production and enhancing skin radiance. This makes it an excellent addition for businesses focusing on skincare and facial rejuvenation.

For a Broader Range of Body Treatments: ApolloARC

On the other hand, Londo suggests the ApolloARC for businesses that offer a broader range of body treatments.

“With its innovative arc design, the ApolloARC can target larger areas of the body, making it suitable for full-body wellness services,” he noted.

Its impressive 191 mw/cm2 irradiance ensures effective treatment for pain management, muscle recovery, and overall skin health. This makes it a valuable asset for spas and wellness centers that offer comprehensive body treatments.

Assessing Your Business Needs

Londo advises business owners to assess their specific needs and client demands.

“Consider the types of treatments most requested by your clients and the space available in your facility. Our products are designed to be adaptable and effective, ensuring that you can provide the best possible service to your clients,” he said.

By understanding the unique features and benefits of each product, businesses can make a choice that not only enhances their service offerings but also aligns with their operational needs and goals.

About Micheal Londo

Micheal Londo, founder and CEO, started Body Balance System to help his daughter who was born with a rare disorder and he found a need in the health industry. Today the company is proud to present the OvationULT bed as the most effective red-light bed in the industry and the ONLY bed designed for red-light therapy. To learn more, please visit

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