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Michael Molfetta, Head of Molfetta Law, Describes the Value of Building Trust With Your Clients

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Every business needs loyal clients. Without them, a company wouldn’t be able to thrive and succeed over the long term.

One of the most effective methods to gain loyal clients is by engendering trust among them. The challenge, though, as Michael Molfetta explains, is you can’t buy trust, nor can you force clients to trust you.

Instead, your brand has to work hard to build that trust naturally. Your brand also has to continue to earn that trust over time, with consistent messaging, responsiveness, and achieving your clients’ goals. The trust factor is especially crucial in the legal field. Molfetta has spent the last 30 years building credibility and confidence amongst clients, notably with his talented legal team at Molfetta Law.

Whether you’re a young entrepreneur or law school graduate, consider Molfetta’s approach and reasoning behind building trust with your clients.

The Value of Trust

It’s not an understatement to say that a business is nothing without its clients. You could have the most incredible product on the planet, but if no one’s interested in buying it, is it really worth anything?

No matter what your business does, it can’t flourish without consistent, loyal clients. Every company works to obtain that long customer list and keep it growing over the years.

Because your clients will ultimately influence how successful your company is, you need to ensure that they believe in who you are, what you say, and what you do. A marketing message will only be compelling if people trust that what you say is genuine.

A good marketing message might result in new clients, but they’ll only become loyal clients based on their satisfaction with your product or service. A big part of that is whether what they get matches up with the expectation you set for them at the outset.

Happy clients become loyal clients. And loyal clients not only stay with you for a while, but they recommend you to others who are likely to become loyal, long-term clients themselves.

Ways to Build This Trust

There’s no one straightforward way to build trust among your clients. As Michael Molfetta points out, it takes a multi-pronged approach that you’ll refine over time.

One of the easiest ways to build trust among clients is to be reliable and live up to your promises. In other words, do what you say you’re going to, when and how you say you’re going to do it.

If you realize you won’t be able to deliver on the expectations you set, be upfront about it. Most clients won’t expect you to be perfect, but they will expect — and appreciate — when you let them know early on that things are running behind schedule or if it’s beneficial to pivot to a new strategy.

Transparency is one of the most critical aspects of building trust today. You can’t have a client relationship that doesn’t involve solid communication. This includes discussing in-depth pricing and expectations on both ends, as well as ironing out any other aspects of the relationship, such as how you’ll protect their information and data.

Finally, clients trust companies that are available when they need them. Most clients — the reasonable ones, at least — won’t expect you to drop all you’re doing when they contact you. On the flip side, they don’t want to wait even a whole day for you to get back to them.

Even if you can’t solve their problem right away, respond to their inquiry to confirm you received and read their message, and set proper expectations on when you can provide them more in-depth help. This last point ties back into being transparent and keeping the lines of communication open.

About Michael Molfetta

Michael Molfetta is the resolute force behind Molfetta Law, a founding partner of CRM Sports Advisors and the CEO of Invictus Sports Management. As a veteran litigation attorney with over 30 years of experience under his belt, he has been lead counsel in nearly 300 jury trials and a legal correspondent for major news networks. Before starting his legal practice, he was the Deputy District Attorney in Orange County and was “1994 Prosecutor of the Year”. Since then, Molfetta has continued to garner acclaim and distinction within the legal field. In 2021, he was named “Litigator of the Year” by The American Institute of Trial Lawyers.

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